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The Systems are Broken

Does the thought of filling out one more job application make you want to throw up?


Tired of all the fake-feeling job serch advice?


Afraid Monster is going to start charging you rent because you're pretty much living there?

You're not alone.


I know what it's like to fill out your 10 year job history for the 40th time with only a few shady interviews to show for it.

So I Developed My Own
The new way to get hired is all about what's built in to human nature: we want to hire people we know and like.
That means you can get a job you actually care about by being yourself and making authentic connections with people who get excited about what excites you!

My Story

When I worked as a career counselor at a community college, I was part of the problem. All the conventional wisdom I could find to help my students was the same:


  • Apply More
  • Create a Better Resume
  • Use Your Network
  • Volunteer


But none of this was working.


I finally figured out that the students who got hired were the ones who did things a little differently. They took matters into their own hands and started relying themselves insted of on the job boards. They tapped into the Hidden Job Market.



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