Move to HEAL
Improving digestion, detox and anxiety through movement.
Private sessions with Monica will address your anxiety and gut issues like you never imagined. These classes are the missing piece to your health puzzle!

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How can movement address my anxiety and gut issues?

Physical obstruction, intestinal tension, nervous system dysfunction, and chronic stress are significant contributors to gut dysfunction, IBS, and SIBO. While healing the gut holistically, we must not forget about the benefits of movement and self therapies. Practicing exercise and manipulation that activates the Parasympathetic Nervous System, promotes circulation, warmth, and relaxation will bring balance to the body.


By practicing specific exercises and therapies, I not only have improved my gut health, but my chronic anxiety has dramatically reduced, and I feel deeply connected to my body.

Join me to explore unique movements like the Water Up, Fire Down method, QiGong, Vagus Nerve activation, spinal mobility and strength exercises that have help me. Prioritizing movement and self-therapy has changed my life, and I believe it can change yours too!

No movement experience necessary!


I look forward to connecting and moving with you!



Be Well,
Monica Boyle FDN-P
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