Thanks for linking into this offer. My name is Debs Fawcett and I've been teaching Dru Yoga for over 8 years.


In 2016 I decided to set up online yoga, relaxation and meditation classes as I was finding more and more students needed to have access to high quality yoga classes which suited their lifestyle. There's a longer story about how I did this hereHaving the ability to choose when you practice yoga was extremely valuable to them.


In theory this sounds like a great idea....and it is. However, what I find is an issue for most people is actually making time to fit their home yoga practice in around other commitments. 


I have been practising yoga at home for almost 20 years and I have learnt how to motivate myself and get myself on the mat!!


I want to teach you how to do this too and this is why I've created this Live Intensive Online Teaching Support programme.


What's Included in the Programme:


* Join our Monthly Membership for $1 (It is US$14 for each month after the 1st month and this can be cancelled at any time) you gain access to our entire library of Yoga, Relaxation and meditation Classes and Workshops. View our library here


* Access to weekly Facebook Live Videos to help you to set up a successful, safe and sustainable home yoga practice. Included are:


Week 1- Discover what are your potential barriers and why you want to start a home yoga practice. Gain clarity and confidence to set up a good foundation for your future practice. 


Week 2 - How to choose the right yoga practice for you.


Week 3 - Overcoming the idea that you don't have time for a home yoga practice - how to prioritise you!


Week 4 - Yoga and Spirituality - Yoga can be a deeply healing practice. In this video I'll show you some simple techniques to enhance your yoga practice in a holistic healing practice rather than just a physical class. 


*Receive personal support from Debs via our Facebook Group and/or email support to keep you on track throughout the month.

If you choose to continue your membership you will also have access to our Private members Facebook Group where I teach monthly one hour Live Yoga classes and connect to my students to support their ongoing yoga journey.

I want you to know and feel you are never on your own with your yoga practice. 


*As part of your ongoing Membership you'll have access to live Interviews with other Holistic Health practitioners so you'll learn even more tools to live a balanced life. This month I'll be interviewing Alison Van Vuurenan Accredited Certified EFT (Emotional Freedom technique) Master Trainer and Practitioner. 


* A Monthly Members Newsletter with our latest news, blogs, additional live videos and inspiring articles on yoga, relaxation, meditation and holistic health.


My own experience with yoga


Having a home yoga practice is a wonderfully freeing tool which supports me in so many ways. At times it helps me to switch off from my 'busyness', my body remains strong and flexible, I know how to release tension from my body and mind and how to get a good nights sleep. My practice uplifts and motivates me in ways I did not consider before my practice. It brings me clarity and helps my mind to slow down and it's a beautiful space of 'me time


This is what I'd love to create for you with this month of intensive support. If you are ready to start your own yoga practice and go deeper with me with my easy to follow yoga lessons, then sign up and we'll get started. 


When you sign up you will also be automatically added to our mailing list. I endeavour to send out newsletters which will be of benefit however you are welcome to unsubscribe at any time. 



Are you ready to take the step and start your own home yoga practice with a teacher who cares about your practice and ensuring you get what you need?  



Debs always puts so much time and effort into making every class fit for the purpose it is intended for and I can’t imagine how many hours she spends prepping and thinking these through.

I love the mixture of some strenuous poses, stretching, relaxing & revitalisation of the mind.

Thank you Debs for always being on hand to gently encourage, motivate and advise on what classes are best suited to the challenges I am trying to address”. 


Beth, Telecoms Director


“Debs is such a precious find… She has taught me so much during my yoga journey….. My yoga practice with Soul Harmony Yoga leaves me feeling both calm and uplifted, relaxed and recharged, peaceful and revitalised. Both grounded and with a sense of lightness and a spring in my step. Always a joy to share the gift of Deb’s lovely energy, essence and gentle light. I feel ever renewed, returned to myself.

Within this busy world, I find it is always possible to be connected with Yoga. Thank you so very very much.” 

Emma, Pharmacist and belly Dancer

Debs has been my yoga teacher for the past eight years, and since she moved to Australia a year ago, I have followed the classes she has set up online at Soul Harmony Yoga.

She is a brilliant teacher, full of understanding, compassion, and gives of herself to each of her students at every workshop she has done online as well as personally on a face to face basis.

Her knowledge and depth of experience are forever unfolding at every turn.  Her online classes are always interesting and knowledgeable and are obviously put together with a great deal of thought and care.

I would recommend anybody to join her class and benefit their bodies as well as their souls”.

Shirley, Owner Backhouse Insurance

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