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Lisa Di Domenico is a Career Coach and founder of Lisa D - Life by DesignTM Inc. She is passionate about helping women who feel professionally stuck and unfulfilled design a career and life they love! Leveraging her university education in psychology, 10 years experience as a certified career counsellor as well as her own experience of navigating and overcoming career unfulfillment, she has designed a coaching framework that marries the best practices from both industries and helps women step into their confidence and authenticity so they can find work that is aligned and create a life of balance and wellness.


IG @lisa_d_lifebydesign

FB: @lisadlifebydesign




Nicole Jones lives and breathes her passion. She creates offerings that allow others to lean into their edges - to shift - grow - dive deeper - expand - to wake up their true self and discover their full potential.


Whether Nicole is teaching a one on one session, a retreat, a small group or a large class, she carries a consistent intention. She believes yoga is the gateway to self-discovery. Yoga has taught her to love, appreciate and value herself in ways she never thought were possible.  She uses her personal experience to inspire others.


She currently offers a variety of online classes and retreats. Nicole is also a full time Physical Education and health teacher at Dawson College. 


Ig: @nicolejonesyoga



UPCOMING EVENT FEB 13th - Honour Your Gold'Print





Shannon Lisa Ropeleski is the owner and founder of Nova Luna, a boutique and gathering space that houses over 25 local, independent, womxn-owned businesses, as well as a curated collection of hand selected crystals. Having worked in the healing arts for over 15 years, she loves to host lunar circles, teach workshops on topics such as astrology, and is especially keen on connecting people and creating community.






Adriana Paez is a certified life coach at and mom of two.


Through coaching services, workshops and writing, Adriana is passionate about supporting moms feeling lost in motherhood to ditch the overwhelm and reconnect with themselves so that they can feel more confident, aligned, purposeful and free.


IG: @adriana.paez.coaching







Eleni Dracopoulos is a Self-Leadership Coach & Course Design Consultant.


She helps individuals who are seeking change, lead a life by their own standards and step into their worth. She also helps Entrepreneurs and Experts take their Zone of Genius and transform it into lucrative courses, workshops and programs. Eleni offers a first complimentary 1:1 meeting to anyone who is curious about coaching or consulting.

You can connect with Eleni in the following ways:


Facebook: @eldracopoulos




Lin Sok is a Montreal-based financial security advisor and founder of SOHON Financial, offering insurance, investment, and mortgage solutions for her clients.

She uses a fun yet no-nonsense approach to money and finance.  Lin believes in the power of financial literacy and that everybody has the right to generate wealth, no matter their background.


(T) 438 871 4663


FB: Lin Sok

LinkedIn: LinkedIn

IG: @moneyandstrategy





Edith Préfontaine is a Quantum Flow Practitioner.


She offers online individual sessions but also organizes monthly trail mediation walks in Bromont/Shefford QC. She is a trail runner and downhill skier committed to helping mountain communities be resilient to climate change. She has been working in the sustainability and environmental field for over 14 years and is currently studying ecopsychology.


Open to collaborative projects and happy to connect.



IG: @urbannaturetravel




Rachel-Diane Epoupa is a Social entrepreneur and a community worker focusing on women issues.


For the last few months she has been working on a community art project with a group of survivors of domestic abuses. View her interview on City News:

Rachel-Diane is also the founder and fashion designer of NIANGO a brand that relies in the world of fashion to create economic and educational system to support women at risk.





Maryam Southam is a creative who loves to capture authentic moments in the form of photography. 


In 2020 Maryam launched Maryam Southam Photography and aspires to work with those who want to capture those moments in time, just as they are.


She is a "lifestyle" or what some call a "documentary" photographer, telling stories with photographs. 


After having her two children and building Sparrow Digital, a digital agency with her husband, she felt the need to immerse herself in what she loves and that is photography.  


Maryam strives to capture those perfectly imperfect moments that are authentic, those sweet and fleeting moments that you can never get back. Her specialty is Family/Motherhood and Portraiture

IG @maryamsouthamphoto







Jennifer Kruidbos, MA has been dedicated to supporting women in health and wellness for over 15 years. She is the founder of Blawesome, the wellness technology company dedicated to supporting people’s wellbeing through a micro-learning community, and facilitating 1-1 coaching sessions. Jennifer also guides her team of over 5000 doTERRA wellness advocates to have more confidence and self-love as they build personal wellness rituals as well as build out their own unique direct-sales businesses. Almost everyday she goes for long walks with her fiance, Chris, meditates and does a movement routine to her fave music.





Jaymie Martinez is a lightworker, inspiration speaker and master manifestor.


She hosts Vision Board Workshops to teach others how to attract everything they want in life through visualization, the Law of Attraction and a grateful mindset. In fact, she used this practice to save her life. She has helped others to manifest free money, winning the lottery, better relationships, dream jobs, homes, cars and vacations. She believes there are no limits, that abundance is everyone's birthright and that we should all be living our dream life!  


Her workshops include the printing, cutting, and sizing for all your Vision Board pictures, quotes and words.







Brad Aeon is the founder and director of the Time Research Institute (, a registered nonprofit organizing donation-based workshops on how to manage time for self-care and self-actualization.  He has worked with homeless shelter staff, social innovation centers, healthcare units, and other nonprofits. Brad Aeon also gives corporate training in time management ( He has worked with numerous companies including the creative branch of the Boston Consulting Group, Adyen, GrandVision, and many others.


With a background in sustainability and renewable energies, Estelle Poiré is on a mission to accompany professional women to create their authentic life that eliminates the overwhelm of clutter. She dares to envision a world where conscious females pioneers of all ages are moving the world forward, one sustainable consumption habit at a time.


As a lifestyle consultant and speaker, Estelle is using her background in sustainability and as an accompanying person to guide women through their simple living and emotional healing transformational journey.




IG: @clutterfree_estelle
FB: Estelle Poiré


Julie is a pharmacist and health coach that helps women embrace an intuitive way of eating to nourish themselves and let go of the restrictive diets. She teaches them how to regain their health naturally, reduce their need for medication, heal their relationships with food, and take care of their bodies in a way that’s sustainable and enjoyable.


If this is something you need, you can sign up for her free e-mail series called the Nourished Self. Over 5 days, this workshop shares with you the foundational habits and mindset shifts to improve your health without deprivation.







Voula Lianos is passionate about real estate and helping people find their home since 2003!

As times change so do we. Constantly adapting in order to marry technology and safety measures to serve your needs while keeping you safe. 

I’m here to help, reach out,  no deal too small, no question left unanswered. 



IG: @voulalianoshomes



Dunia Darwiche


I am a Transformational Intuitive Coach (and Silk Scarf designer), here to help multi-passionates pivot their passions into their calling (work/career), reminding them where they left the keys to their personal power. All while doing this I help them strengthen their intuition and psychic abilities.


Certified by the ICF in Personal & Professional Coaching, Past Life Regression Therapy and Reiki II. Having Psychic Gifts since birth, these gifts started to be undeniable when premonition dreams and predicting death started happening regularly.


These gifts were kept very private, growing up with a single parent who really didn’t feel comfortable with this kind of work. Then about 8 years after my mom’s death, I discovered through an uncle, that my mom did intuitive work in her early twenties, hired to read tarot at parties; this is the moment that started my journey of sharing my own gifts with the world and integrating them into my work.


I was just recently hosted on the Mischo podcast Episode 12. Check it out if you want to hear a little more about my work and my journey.


You can reach me via

Instagram: @dunia_darwiche




Aileen Borruel is an enthusiastic and compassionate workshop facilitator, mama of 4 and loves to uplift and inspire those around her.


She is a McGill University graduate of Social Work and holds a DEC in Special Care Counselling and has 20 years of experience working with families and older adults. Aileen is the founder and owner of Joyful Connections that offers wellness workshops which promotes positivity and the importance of human connection for our well-being.  The mission is to spread more love, joy and laughter into the world.  


In 2018 Aileen became a certified laughter yoga leader and since then has been offering laughter workshops to community groups and corporations. With her fun, genuine, positive energy she brings to the class, it allows her students to feel more joy, love and connection.

Contact Info
Facebook Page: @Joyful Connections

IG: @joyfulconnections



Melanie Jade Boulerice is an ER/Trauma nurse and Founder of Nomadic Nurse Agency, a mobile nursing agency providing personalized attention to all of your health needs in the comfort of your home (I.e. Flu shots, Covid-19 Swab tests, Vaccinations, Blood Services and more)


Nurse Mel has been a registered nurse and practicing for 7 years in Montreal’s emergency room, getting to know the needs of the population hands on and frontline.

IG: @nursemelaniejadeb

IG: @nomadicnurseagency


Desiree Ruiz - Community Builder, Business Consultant,  and Co-Founder of Les Lilas Society


I am a "Super Connector" that helps heart-centred entrepreneurs and companies generate leads, by connecting them to new ideas and to new people, so that they can make a bigger impact in this world.


I'm the person you call when you don't know who to call.


From introducing you to long-lasting strategic partners to getting your organization to embrace the power of community engagement, I’ll work the magic of my network for you.

Because I know that when the right people come together with common values and a desire to make an impact, sparks fly. 


LinkedIn: Desiree Ruiz

IG: @des.escalante

Contact me via email to learn more about my 1:1 services and programs.









➢ A non-traditional networking event for diverse entrepreneurs

➢ A relaxed space to talk about your business

➢ Intimate group and roundtable conversation

➢ A place to strengthen your business connections  

➢ Feel a sense of community and support 

➢ Monthly events


Be the first to know about upcoming events and to learn more about our community.

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