Maison Moderne turns 25

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As we enter our 25th year, our passion for quality and innovation in media is undimmed and, as ever, our eye is on the future. With that in mind, we’ve been taking a snapshot of today’s media landscape and asking questions about what’s hot and what’s not, what’s best and what’s next. 


We’ve started by talking to young people about their media habits and their expectations for the future; people who took their first steps in the 1990and who are now on the crest of the wave of digital transformation.


This is the beginning of a process where we gather insights and opinions that will underpin our continuing transformation. We hope that you will join the conversation and that you’ll stay in touch with us as we strive to bring you independent journalism and exciting entertainment for the next 25 years.

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"Ganz oft feelt eng gewësse Rou an der Berichterstattung"


"The reassuring and calm side is often lacking in reports"


Andy (26 ans)

Luxembourger, lives in Luxembourg and works as a teacher. Andy is also an activist for social change. @organicandy24



«Il est important, pour moi, de pouvoir faire confiance à une marque média»


"It’s important for me to trust a media brand"


Nicolas (27)

French, lives in Luxembourg and works in marketing and communication.



"Meng Mamm mécht mir eng Selectioun vun Noriichten, déi si mir empfielt"


"My mother selects news for me and advises me to read it"


Anna (29)

Luxembourger, lives in Luxembourg, works as a teacher and runs her blog



"Mir si gewinnt alles fir näischt ze kréien"


"We are used to getting everything free of charge"


Stéphanie (25)

Luxembourger, lives in Luxembourg and works as a project manager in an organisation working with refugees.



"D'Expats siche virun allem de Kulturprogramm"


"Expats are looking for the cultural programme above all"


Gilles (28)

Luxembourger, lives in Luxembourg and teaches drama.



«Attention, le buzz peut fonctionner même si l'information n'est pas véridique ou la source pas fiable»


"Careful, the buzz can work even if the information is not true, or if the source isn't relieble"


Joy (26)

Belgian, lives in Arlon and works in PR and communication.



"Ech wëll kee Fast Food, mee gutt recherchéiert Artikelen"


"I'm not asking for fast food, but for well-documented articles"


Nicolas (26)

Luxembourgers, lives in Luxembourg and studies space, communication and media law at the University of Luxembourg.



"Massemedien adresséieren sech un eis, mee schwätzen net mat eis"


"Mass media is targeted to us, but does not speak to us"


Anna and Xenia (twins, 27)

Luxembourgers. Anna lives in Luxembourg and works as a photographer and blogger. Xenia lives in Madrid and Luxembourg and works as a model and graphic designer.



«Je veux une information brève pour rester informer non-stop»


"Information needs to be straight to the point, so I can stay informed non-stop"


Yves (29)

French, lives in Luxembourg and works as a pastry chef.



"Algorithmebaséiert News bestäerken nëmme meng Meenung, am Plaz dass se mech géife beräicheren"


"Algorithm-based news only confirms what I already know, it doesn't offer anything new"


Marlene (29)

Luxembourger, lives in Luxembourg and works in media and communication.



"Ech wëll mél Content, a bessere Storytelling"


"I want more content and better storytelling"


Serge (29)

Luxembourger, lives in Luxembourg and works in HR in the finance industry.



"Net alles direkt gleewen, wat een esou héiert oder liest"


"Don't believe everything that you hear or read"


Catherine (27)

Luxembourger, lives in Luxembourg and works as a court clerk.