Are you a leader in a small to medium-sized manufacturing business and want to make your company more competitive?

Over the past decade, a number of technologies have reached important

levels of maturity, such as improvements in computing power and wireless connectivity, advancements in mathematical algorithms, and lower costs of sensors and electronic hardware. The convergence of these 

trends means that we are now seeing the commercialization of new

technologies and applications for the manufacturing shop floor – often referred to as Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 technologies digitize and integrate processes across the entire business, from product development and purchasing, through manufacturing, logistics, and service. They can also integrate your operations with external

suppliers and customers, simplifying activities across your entire supply chain. Ultimately, these technologies can help to increase productivity, lower operating costs, improve quality, and enhance your competitiveness.



During the three hour workshop & seminar you will:


Receive an overview of market ready smart

manufacturing technologies, including expert

advice and best practices.


  • Complete a readiness assessment to identify opportunities for your organization to adopt smart manufacturing technologies to close the gaps in your digital processes.
  • Hear from a startup who successfully implemented a new digital manufacturing technology, and how it has delivered benefits to their operations.


Connect with and network with industry resources and supports in your region that can help you plan and implement technologies on your shop floor or in your business processes.



Design Engineers, Product or Process Manufacturers are eligible to attend for FREE. 

Registration $250



#200, 2700 Production Way, Burnaby, BC


Wednesday, November 21, 2018

10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.


Light lunch provided to network with industry partners



  • Leaders of small to medium-sized manufacturers who want to understand practical steps that you can take to bring Industry 4.0 technologies into your operations.
  • Decision-makers within small to medium-sized manufacturing businesses who are trying to understand how to make digital technologies part of their competitive advantage.


Refined Manufacturing Acceleration Process (ReMAP)


ReMAP is a network of partners (start-ups,

smallmedium enterprises (SMEs), large

organizations and leading research institutions) from across Canada to form a

product-enablement network. Through shared resources and knowledge, ReMAP accelerates the commercialization of innovative products developed in Canada for the global market. ReMAP is made possible through joint funding from the Government of Canada’s Business-led

Networks of Centres of Excellence (BL-NCE) program matched by contributions from our network partners.

To learn more about ReMAP, please visit their website here. 


National Research Council of Canada, Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP)


The National Research Council-Industrial

Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP)

supports innovation opportunities for Canadian small and medium-sized businesses. Delivered by a network of experienced professional and technical advisors across Canada, the NRC IRAP

oers a range of business and technical advisory services, as well as funding programs, to help business build their innovation capacity, overcome barriers to growth, identify opportunities and turn great ideas into commercial success.

To learn more about NRC IRAP, please visit their website here. 



i-onCONNECT links innovation to industry by providing a place to work, learn, connect, develop your products, grow your business and be part of a community. They offer coworking space, mentorship, and product hardware development to entrepreneurs looking to commercialize their products and grow a successful business. They are a high-tech company which focuses its core capabilities in the Sensors, IIOT, and Big Data space with the integration of nanotechnologies and advanced materials as part of the product development offerings. Visit i-on CONNECT website here.

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