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Why you need Dating Clarity

One of the key issues that daters face is that they are overwhelmed with having to make tough decisions about who to date and who to continue dating.


There are so many factors that affect these decisions. Each person you date has positive and negative qualities - and sometimes you might not even be sure which is which!


You also have probably been told that nobody is perfect so you should learn to live with someone’s imperfections. But when you are bothered by a quality of someone you date:


How do you know if:

  • You should accept it and live with it?
  • You should be concerned about it?
  • You have found a red flag that foreshadows future relationship difficulties?


It can be challenging to relax and enjoy dating when you need to analyze everything about the person you are dating in order to decide if you should go out again.


These decisions can be tough and confusing.


Take my five day dating challenge and get guidance to find out:

  • How do you decide when you should invest in your relationship?
  • What can help you determine if someone has the right qualities for you?
  • What qualities you need in a spouse to have a happy marriage?


What is my Dating Clarity E-Course?



You will get a step-by-step guide with a practical exercise for you to work on each day for five consecutive days. Each practical exercise will help you develop dating clarity. By Day 5, you will have developed an essential dating tool you can use immediately to help you date more successfully!


Gain self-awareness and confidence in dating!

The women and men who go through this five step process feel tremendously empowered and more confident about dating. I have seen it work with hundreds of people for over 20 years in my coaching practice.




Take my Dating Clarity E-Course


Would you like to learn the five steps to develop an essential tool that will help you identify the right person for you to marry?




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Hi! I'm Dr. Chani Maybruch. As a social psychologist and relationship coach, I help people master relationships in dating, marriage, family, and work.


In my twenty years of coaching, I've developed unique strategies and tools to help you break through the barriers to developing the great relationship you want.

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