Hello Beautiful Soul,

If you’re reading this, it means you’re committed to connecting with your ideal clients and helping them...

  • You’ve most likely spent a lot of time, money, and effort to create a heartfelt program that can make a positive impact on your clients. 

  • You’ve invested in support to figure things out and get where you are today. 

  • You know who you are meant to serve and spend lots of time trying to reach them.

  • You’re deeply committed to helping others and making a difference…


But the big problem is: You’re doing all the “right” things to promote and market your business, but it’s still not getting the results it should.

Right now, you're watching all these entrepreneurs create meaningful impact and thinking “I want that too!” but… 

  • You’re tired of staring at a screen, wondering what will work better

  • Old insecurities are creeping back about expressing yourself and whether or not people will be interested in what you have to say

  • Sharing your story feels too raw or vulnerable… You’d rather talk about almost ANYTHING else… 

  • You know you need to share more stories on line to attract more clients, but sharing your personal experiences and point of view feels scary… 

The truth is:

Your life experience can be the very thing that helps someone. When you have the courage to share the story of your personal transformation, you can create a very special bond with your ideal clients. It is also very liberating!

Your story has the power to inspire connection, credibility and trust. And attract amazing clients. 


I have experienced this through my own journey of discovering how I can attract clients with greater ease. I have always loved stories, but resisted telling mine for years. But guess what, since opening the floodgate, I have published 3 novels, contributed to 3 bestselling books, written several articles for The Huffington Post and Thrive Global, and appeared as a guest in various podcasts (and English isn’t even my native language!)


My stories have inspired my ideal clients to connect and work with me. I have served hundreds of purpose-driven entrepreneurs. I can confidently tell you that sharing stories doesn’t come down to talent, but a super-simple system which you can also learn...



A step-by-step system to turn your personal experiences into

irresistible client-attracting narratives.

Even if you think you don't have any stories to tell or
they aren't good enough...

walking away with your most powerful transformational story DONE, PLUS the step-by-step system for creating stories again and again. Stories that build credibility, trust, and excitement in your ideal clients that make them want to work with you.




Never Again Struggle to Craft Your Transformational, Client-Attracting Story...



  • Discover your unique transformational story and finally see it for the business asset it really is

  • Own your unique experience & discover how it attracts
    awesome clients using my simple story-to-client framework

  • Confidently share your story with the people who need to hear it
    the most by sharing it on podcast, on social media, by email, etc.


MODULE 1: Your Endless Well of Wow-Worthy Stories
In this first module, you will uncover the power of your unique story. You will start to identify the key elements of how your story can attract your ideal clients. You will also receive guidance to clarify what story to choose to position yourself as an expert and authority in your field.

MODULE 2: How To Craft A Story Worth Telling
You will discover the must-have elements of a good story. I will introduce the key principles of story structure. You will also receive templates that make crafting your own story so much easier! Grounding your story is a big step towards sharing it for your advancement.

MODULE 3: Heartfelt Connection Story Enhancers
In this module, I will share how you can add elements to your story that makes it come to life. This helps your story to create heartfelt connections and be something that your ideal clients will remember.

MODULE 4: Secrets To A Powerful Delivery
You will learn pro-skills to connect more effectively with your ideal clients, and easily start to apply them. This module also includes an awesome bonus! You’ll get to work on your relationship with your story, to help calm your nerves and gain confidence in sharing it.

MODULE 5: How To Share Your Client-Attracting Story With
Anyone At Anytime

In this module, you will discover various ways of using your story to serve a purpose. You’ll be prepared for those unexpected opportunities to share it, as you learn how to shrink or expand your story as appropriate. You will complete the program by claiming and embodying the full transformational power of your story!





I have easily invested over $70 000 in my own learning journey with high-end business masterminds and spiritual studies including two Master's Degrees in Spiritual Psychology and Spiritual Science. This Client Attraction Story System can save you years of trying to figure it out on your own, as you struggle to share your story in a way that attracts your ideal clients.  

But you won’t even have to pay $70,000. I want to do something awesome for you...

Wait until you see the amazing deal I have available for you.


INVESTMENT: $997.00   $497.00




You will receive access to the training videos, coaching calls and download PDF handouts to support your growth.



  • Five Modules of Training Videos to guide you to craft and share your client attraction story

  • Three Private Story Clarity Coaching Calls with Katja (30 minutes each)

  • Handouts to support you during each module

PLUS you get these incredible bonuses when you join today


Bonus 1:  VIP
 Email Support
With this bonus you have personal access to me for 5 weeks to stay in action, on track, inspired, and accountable. You get your biggest questions answered and ideas encouraged within 48 hours. 

VALUE $500.00

Bonus 2: Inner Story Breakthrough Workshop Recordings

Discover how to overcome limiting inner stories and transform them into empowering stories so that you have the freedom to create the business you desire.

VALUE $197.00 

* Note: calls are to be used within 90 days from the purchase.


PROGRAM & BONUSES____________________________ VALUE  

Client Attraction Story System + Story Clarity Calls__>>.>>>$997.00

VIP Email Support _______>>>>____________________>_. $500.00

Inner Story Breakthrough Workshop Recordings>>__>$197.00

TOTAL VALUE                                       _________>__.>> $1694.00


INVESTMENT: $997.00   $497.00


One payment of $497! Or 6 easy payments of $97.



Once you register, you'll receive the welcome email. Be sure to read and save it as it contains important details.


You will receive instant access to the training videos and downloadable PDF handouts to support your growth.


If you want to create a positive impact and attract your ideal clients, but have not yet discovered the full transformational potential of your unique client attraction story, this program is for you!





If you say YES, click the button below:



"Client Attraction Story" Guarantee

By the end of this program, if you do the work, you will have crafted your client attraction story. Not only that, but you will have also started sharing it and gained awareness how to confidently use it in various ways.

If you do the work, I guarantee you’ll see the results!


In case you’re not completely satisfied with your investment, you may request a refund on unused coaching time. (It is rare, but it does happen that a coach and client may not be a good match and it is best for both parties to go their separate ways.)

However there are no refunds on coaching, because once I spend my time with you, I can’t get it back. I can’t guarantee results in a coaching relationship because results depend on your openness to being coached and your willingness to do the work.

If you would like to contact me concerning any matter relating to this Refund Policy, please email at [email protected]


By signing up today, you’ll receive the incredible bonuses and lifetime access to the program.


Have Questions?

Q: I'm not so sure that I have a good story. Can the Client Attraction Story System help?

A: Thank you SO much for asking this! When it comes to sharing our personal stories, we often experience doubts and even fears. This may cause you to procrastinate, hide away, or completely avoid it.  

The good news is that storytelling is a skill set that you can learn! 

This was certainly my experience. I avoided sharing what I felt was my core story because I was full of self-judgments. I felt it was something to be ashamed of. When I finally had the courage to share it, I liberated myself from the prison of my past. People started connecting with me more than ever before and new doors began opening for them too.


Today I want to give you some support and guidance based on my own experience, and also working with individual clients and groups for over 10 years to dissolve the energy blocks that hold us back from sharing our stories.

Your story matters! And the good news is that storytelling is a skill set that you can learn!

Q: How long is the program?

A: Client Attraction Story System has 5 modules (with lifetime access to the program). The Story Clarity Coaching calls can be used within 90 days from the purchase. 

Q: I’m not a hardcore entrepreneur, I'm a coach / healer / creative. Is this program going to be easy for someone like me to follow?  

A: YES! You are looking at the Client Attraction Story System program created specifically for purpose-driven entrepreneurs including coaches, creatives, healers by a purpose-driven entrepreneur. The program gives them a step-by-step system to turn their personal experiences into client-attracting stories. In fact, if you are new to sharing your gifts, all the more reason to join and craft your first client-attracting story straight from the get-go! 


And if you are seasoned and want to attract more clients, this is your answer too as you’ll walk away with the system for crafting transformational stories that build credibility and trust with your ideal clients and make them want to work with you! 

Q: How much time will I get with you?

A: You’ll get access to me through the 1-on-1 Story Clarity Coaching calls (3x30min) and VIP email access. 

Q: I've so many things going on… I’m concerned I won’t have enough time to dedicate to the program. Can this really help me to attract clients with greater ease?  

A: First, I'm sending you Light for the highest good. I wish you the strength to deal with all that you have going on in your life.

Having a full (or too full) plate is not fun. I have been there too and just tried to manage all that. It brought me to a place where I had to decide whether I get support or quit. I chose to get support and that was a huge shift for me. I learned that I don't need to figure out all on my own (which took so much time). I learned that there was an easier way to move forward when I was open to receive help and follow step-by-step systems that were available.


This Client Attraction Story System can save you years of trying to figure it out on your own as you struggle to share your story in a way that attracts your ideal client. 

Have any other questions? Email me at [email protected] or schedule a call HERE, I'm here for you!


Questions? Email at [email protected]


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