Weekly Bookkeeping Checklist for Bosses

Download this FREE checklist to make sure you’re managing your money right

Use it once a week

Choose one day a week to do six tasks that will help you keep your business books in tiptop shape.

Make the most of your money

Rest easy knowing you're saving money where you can, can pay your expenses, and know exactly where your money is going.


Why do 1 in 4 small business not make it past the first year? 

It’s not because of poor marketing, hiring the wrong employees, or even pricing too low. It’s because of how they’re managing their money.


Money mismanagement can come from a number of sources, but the one that you have the most immediate control over is your bookkeeping.


Disorganized bookkeeping = More problems with cash

A lot of online entrepreneurs don’t know what to do about their bookkeeping. They’re keeping receipts in little piles around their homes or realize too late that they haven’t saved enough for taxes.

In short, they’re confused, and I understand why.


Bookkeeping is something that took me two years to become certified in, and I’ve been honing my skills with running two businesses and with clients from all over the world since 2015. (Hi! I’m Lisa! That’s a picture of me down there.)


To make it easier on you, I decided to create a FREE simplified checklist for entrepreneurs who are short on time and confused about bookkeeping.


It’s called the: Weekly Bookkeeping Checklist for Bosses.


Download it for free here.

Who made this?

Hi! I'm Lisa!
As you might have already guessed, I'm a bookkeeper with a serious passion for helping online entrepreneurs make the most of their cash and make smarter financial decisions. 

When you have 57 other tasks on your plate, I know that bookkeeping can be one of the first things to fall off your list -- especially when you’re confused -- but you don’t have to do it alone. If you’re looking for ongoing support, get in touch with me here.


Can’t wait to meet you!

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