The #SnarkyRainbows Guide
to World Domination
I want to dominate my world!
The complete #WBWD Course

The White Board of World Domination helps you define your rules so you can take control of life one bite-sized piece at a time. Eight weeks to create the right plan that will work for you!


Eight Steps:


1.       Determine priorities – Time Audit

2.      Define anchor

3.      Declare vision

4.      Set BIG DREAM goals

5.      Develop objectives for reaching goals

6.      Define strategies for fulfilling objectives

7.      Break down to bite-sized tasks

8.     Wrap it up in a flexible schedule

How to Create Your WhiteBoard of World Domination:
Get a free downloadable guide to create your world domination plan. You have the ability to live a life of possibilities and BIG DREAMS. When you make a plan, break it down into intentional little bits, and then keep on keeping on until you get there . . . you will get there. Begin the process of creating your world domination with these 8 steps.
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