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The classes with Sahida are going so well and we are delighted that everyone is enjoying MLO on Thursday mornings! We currently have fully booked sessions every week but be sure to keep checking our bookings page to secure a spot! 


However, please make note that on Thursday 23 February - our Thursday class will be at 2pm in the afternoon, instead of 10:30am as normal. This is an exceptional session, all other classes will be on the normal 10:30am schedule!


We can't wait to see you there! :)

Carnaval Musical

at Music Room

4 - 7 years old

This Carnaval let's have fun like we are in Rio de Janeiro, or in Venice, or even New Orleans!

On the week of February 20 - 24, we are hosting another edition of our holiday activities here at Music Room. 

We will dance, dress up, sing, and recreate the music and handcrafts of the best-known carnivals in the world!

Be sure to email us to reserve a spot as there is limited capacity!! 



Digital music making is becoming more and more necessary and useful for our future musicians. 


Every Thursday we have our Digital Music Making class 17 to 18 hours and anyone who is 9 years old and above can sign up!


If you are already a student of another instrument you will have super discounts so do not hesitate to ask for it!


We still have places in this group class, you are welcomed to try a class! 

Find out more about this class HERE



We are so pleased with our ukulele group class where on top of learning songs we improve our motor skills and coordination, auditory musical perception and singing.

The class will provide you with autonomy to learn how to play your favourite songs through a practical approach including technical and musical development.


In French, English, Portuguese - the ukulele group class is full of fun and good vibes! :) 


Every Tuesday at 5:15pm for 6 - 8 YO

Click HERE to sign up for the ukulele group class! 



We are delighted to welcome back Christa and her lovely piano meet-ups!

You don't have to be an advanced or professional pianist, in these piano meet-ups, the proposal is to get together to share our music in a safe and familiar atmosphere, to find more motivation and appreciation.

You can be beginner or advanced, you are welcome to play the piano in front of others in a relaxed and non-judgmental environment.

Thursday 9th February at 18.30 in Music Room.


If you want to participate please get in touch with Christa at +43 676 721 1472



The JazzVoice Class with Nina Pedersen started in November and have carried on ever since!


This is a great workshop and we have been learning so much with Nina! In this class we explore our voices and improve our musicality through different exercises that include vocal technique, ear training, rhythm and harmony.


This February the workshop will take place on February 16th. It starts at 7pm and lasts for 2 hours.

If you would like to sign up (limited spaces!), be sure to do so HERE!

Music Therapy group sessions for kids


 Music & Minds is a space where a small group of around 4 kids will be able to participate in Music Therapy sessions around children of a similar age.

The aim of this group is to provide a safe space for self-expression of emotions and feelings, to use music to support improved communication and social skills and to develop the confidence and self-esteem of the those attending.

The sessions with Lisa Metsamaa will incorporate different activities such as musical improvisation, song-writing and music recording, music games, mindfulness activities and songs/singing.

In these sessions the kids will be able to address and work through various areas like self-expression, anxiety and depression, self-image and relationships with their peers. 


The group will be will conducted in English

Fill up this form if you would like your child to participate 



Solo Concert by Bojidar Pinek


Although this event is only taking place next month, we thought it doesn't hurt to mention it a little early ;) We are hosting a solo concert by Bojidar Pinek, an artist and performer of mixed Croat and Slovene origin and has performed all over the world! We are so excited to present such a special experience and to be introduced to new sounds! All acoustic new and ancient music combined in awesome programmes of singing, strings and extended voice techniques!

If you're interested please send us a text!

+351 914 081 760

Individual Classes


Our individual classes for children are fully booked until the end of the semester. If you or someone you know is interested in enrolling for September 2023, send us an email to -  [email protected]

However, we still have some space left for adult classes.

If you are interested in joining the Group Classes, make sure to send us an email ([email protected]) as we have limited capacity for the group classes!


During this month, if you would like to share and show some love, give a friend or a loved one the gift of music! Our Music Room gift cards can be used for group classes for the little ones, weekend activities, individual instrument classes and more. If someone you know would like to try a new instrument, feel free to share :) 

If you would like to know more about rehearsal rentals please click on this link! 

* All this information can be found on our website in Portuguese as well. Saiba mais sobre a Music Room e as nossas aulas aqui :) 

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