Our Group Classes for 2022/2023

A new way to engage with your classes with Kydemy!


We are very happy to share with you this new tool that we will be using this year at Music Room.

Kydemy is a software which will helps us keep all the information and communication of our classes well organised.

Easy to downloaded on your phone or any devices, teachers and parents will be in touch more easily and will be able to keep track of attendance, feedback, homework and any other info regarding our classes. From this platform, if you are a student already, you'll be able to join other classes or events!


We are looking forward to using this new channel to make communication and classes better and easier to manage so we can all spend more time focusing on the music! :)


* All this information can be found on our website in Portuguese as well. Saiba mais sobre a Music Room e as nossas aulas aqui :) 


If you've been wanting to practice an instrument or sing but haven't found a place to do it,

you can rehearse here at Music Room.

Get in touch with us to know more! :)


" Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.. ” ― Maria von Trapp


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