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Anti-Corruption Approach
Learn how to assess your organisation corruption risk by using our anti-corruption risk framework questionnaire.
Our template asks key questions that help you understand quickly the gaps in your organisation's anti-corruption framework.
Design your framework
The template assists your initial assessment and can be used as a guide to understand what policies and procedures, expertise and capability and systems and controls are missing or incomplete and should be added to create a strong risk mitigation approach.

Prevention of Corruption and Fraud within Procurement Masterclass

Are you impacted by corruption? Are you able to assess the level of fraud and corruption risk? Do you know where to look for your insider threat? Do you know how to build your approach to prevent fraud and corruption risk?

Within this 1 day virtual masterclass you will learn about the typologies of fraud and corruption within procurement and our approach to prevent these risks.

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Learn Our Proven Approach To Reducing Corruption

In this virtual training course we will show you a framework of how to build your organisations approach to protect your organisation from corruption and fraud.


Stop reacting to incidents of corruption and fraud by gaining the knowledge of how to implement a planning process and approach that will assist you reduce and prevent risk.

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