CTOUCH RIVA 2 on Portable Stand

Discover what the D2 can do for you!

Student Writing on CTOUCH Board
Students looking at CTOUCH Board

Write like the wind with the CTOUCH RIVA D2

Riva 2 offers the most accurate touch experience available on the market owing to zero air gap technology: eliminating the space between the glass and LCD.


Interactive Sustainability

Calculate how much electricity, CO2 and money you can save when choosing CTOUCH sustainable touchscreens over another brand. 


Speakers, that will blow your mind.

CTOUCH RIVA 2 on Portable Stand

Discover what the D2 can do for you!

Tools for DCG and Engineering
Share your screen wirelessy

All the tools you need for hybrid teaching

CTOUCH Riva 2 is well suited for hybrid teaching. It features a built-in 4 array microphone, up to 80W JBL® crystal-clear audio speakers, bright, vivid colours and built-in WiFi 6 to easily connect to the internet. Just add a camera of your choice and you’re ready to teach remotely.

Invite students to share their work wirelessly

Unlimited mirroring functionality with the EShare application is included with Riva D2. EShare allows students to wirelessly share their device to the
touchscreen, regardless of their OS of choice. Windows, Android, Apple - all are compatible with EShare. 


The Riva D2 is the teacher’s perfect companion.