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Helping people facing health scares and chronic illness.
Ebook "Dear Loved One"

When we're not feeling well or are frightened about our health, advice is often the last thing we want. What's more important is simply being listened to—and knowing that we're being heard. So a sentence like, "I hear you saying that things seem pretty hopeless right now," or, "It sounds like the pain is horrible today—how can I help?" opens the door more to an expanded, supportive conversation, unlike unsolicited advice. Share this communication guide with your loved ones or friends who don't know what to say. Help them learn how to better support you during your time of need and preserve the relationships that matter most.

Ebook: Self-Care Is Not Selfish

Invest in yourself! Take action on your own self-care. Don't know how, why or what to do? Learn more on ideas that won't break the bank and why your children need to see you setting a good example of making your care a priority. Share it with your BFF!

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