Free Workshop - Reclaiming Yourself
Unlocking the Secrets to Healthy Boundaries

Feeling tired and overwhelmed?
Discover where you have given your power away, and how to get it back.


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"Hulda is an excellent facilitator, a very gentle guide with supportive energy. I have found it a very positive, affirming experience. Afterwards I found myself feeling more centered, grounded and assertive.” - CK


Hulda shifted so many huge blocks for me. She is insightful, warm, caring and non-judgemental. Thank you, I have become a believer in Kinesiology!” – INGRID L.


Kinesiology is a powerful healing modality that has helped people all over the world reclaim their lives. By using life-transforming tools, we can release anxiety, stress, trauma and limiting beliefs, so the body has more space to heal itself.

Hi, I am Hulda Ludbrook
I am a certified kinesiologist and personal development mentor.

Being an entrepreneur for over 20 years, and experiencing severe burnout in 2008, I got real with myself and became dedicated to deeper healing.

Now I support busy, creative people to heal on a deeper level, so they too can and feel healthy, worthy, vibrant and aligned in their bodies. 

I created the FREE workshop to empower beautiful people (like you) during this time of uncertainty. 

I am currently also offering private online healing sessions, so let me know if you are interested - [email protected] / 082 873 0950.

Blessings & Gratitude

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