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Journaling Bible Study
Use this beautiful sample to write, draw, think about, journal through, and memorize each bit of Bible truth!
When Time is Scarce
When you are in a busy season, it can be difficult to get in your quiet time. Use this beautifully laid out study, to get into God's word for a brief moment daily!
Be more of the Mama God wants
you to be!
Getting the Word into your heart is VITAL, especially when you are bone tired and busy. This
can be done in moments per day! Keep your mind and heart seeking Him with this simple
and beautiful study. Get bite sized Bible truths into the exhaustion and chaos. You will be so
glad you did!

The Author

Hi! I am Tiff, the Outmatched Mama.
Learning to allow God's power to be perfected in her abundant weakness. Coffee needer. Grace abider. Homeschoooling mama.  
I wrote this study because I needed it! When the baby is up all night, and your schedule is jam packed it can be difficult to set aside time to spend with the Lord, BUT carving out that time is vital to being the mama He created us to be. I hope this helps you hide His word in your heart, even when you are exhausted beyond belief. I am praying for you, mama!
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