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7-day Email Course
Whether you're a blogger, entrepreneur or a creative freelancer - Instagram will help you increase your brand awareness and find potential new customers!
This course is your first step to becoming an Instagram Influencer!
Course Curriculum
  1. Learn to write a compelling BIO
  2. Find the right theme for your Instagram niche 
  3. Create a unique visual content strategy
  4. Master your photography skills
  5. Grow an engaged following 
  6. Learn how to use hashtags
  7. Manage your time effectively
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Your Instructor
Hi, I'm Tatjana! 
I'm a freelance Social Media consultant and a lecturer at London College of Style. I specialise in attention-grabbing and unique visual content strategies for businesses, bloggers and creative entrepreneurs.
I'm also the founder and editor of the award nominated blog called Fashion Artista in which I share my favourite Blogging and Styling tips.
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