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For busy entrepreneurs who don't have time to write endless content...

Introducing an already 'Done-for-You' PANACEA workbook that contains therapeutic, step-by-step modules with strategic exercises to lead clients to their own answers,  sequential 1:1 or group session templates with experientials, meditation, and self-analysis, PDF’s, digital, downloadable, and printable workbooks to achieve success, guarantee results, work remotely from anywhere, and instantly turn passion into a meaningful career!


Advance to the next stage of life both personally and professionally to make a positive impact with a powerful 7-Step P.A.N.A.C.E.A. system. We're here to help you succeed and guarantee results!


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 Earn a Diploma with a Business-in-a-Box


Coaches and therapists are changing the world. Upgrade to the 'Business in a Box' and walk away with an internationally-accredited diploma and a complete business-in-a-box to start or advance your coaching career in as little as 6 weeks! Become a part of our higher conscious community of like-minded professionals and engage in deeper inner work to learn advanced mindset and re-coding techniques with enjoyable shortcut and simple strategies.


Discover profound techniques to remove personal blind-spots, sabotaging behaviors, gain relationship empowerment, create positive momentum, and heal subconscious and generational patterns on a core genetic (DNA) level, therefore achieving more success and fulfillment with a powerful 7-step Genetic Recoding TM system.



Passionate about making a difference?

We are looking for more professionals who are ready and able to join us in a global healing movement that’s changing the world because the world needs us now more than ever.


If you're ready to upgrade or begin your own coaching practice, we have all of the tools to get you started! Now you don't have to do any heavy lifting and can enjoy the work already done-for-you, in this solution-focused system and result-driven, therapeutic workbook comprised in our business in a box. We have helped countless individuals become successful and fully equip our professionals with everything they need to impact lives and get started in a turn-key operation as an accredited coach, therapist, or healing practitioner. We offer personal guidance and support to get you started right away!


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Done for You Workbook


Advance your practice with the 7-step shortcut model to guide clients to their own answers, heal subconscious programming on a genetic level, overcome fear, generational and childhood patterns, heal negative programming, and attain innate potential with advanced, self-mastery strategies in our already 'done for you' P.A.N.A.C.E.A. workbook


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Reach your clients on a core genetic level to heal subconscious programming with

7 life-changing, P.A.N.A.C.E.A. shortcuts, and discover the primary sabotage patterns

every healing professional should know to help their clients permanently overcome

 repeat lessons using a complete Genetic Recoding system.

Liberated Living's unique, "heal as your earn" an internationally-accredited diploma, enables professionals to complete their own inner-healing  while earning a diploma. This course sets our professionals apart from traditional therapies by addressing core programming to permanently change results, healing our DNA by changing the genetic expression to gain self-mastery.


Upon successful completion, practitioners receive a practitioner manual as a done-for-you, business-in-a-box that comes fully stocked with the done for you therapeutic workbook, group or session 1:1 templates, Genetic Recoding strategies, the 7-step PANACEA, and therapeutic exercises that are digital, downloadable, and printable to conveniently start or advance a "turn key" profession to unlock the doors and begin right away!


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Practitioner Diploma eCourse Business in a box

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Learn 7 Internal Shifts and unique strategies to Genetically Recode Subconscious Beliefs and Generational Patterns in this Fully Accredited Diploma eCourse for professionals.
Done For You 7 Step PANACEA Workbook


Access the Done For You Workbook

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Get started with a therapeutic PANACEA System and already done for you workbook for your coaching practice.
Learn 7 internal shifts and unique strategies to Genetically Recode subconscious beliefs and generational patterns in this unique and core-level

Introduction eCourse for professionals using proven, core genetic recoding in this 7 step PANACEA system!


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 Practitioner Diploma eCourse + Business in a box (Level III) Regular Price $897
Upgrade to the Practitioner Diploma Course and receive the Introductory course FREE!
This fully accredited diploma course is ideal for those seeking fast-track healing solutions, self-mastery, and professional success as a certified practitioners to start or advance any coaching practice.
  • It covers the 7 inherent sabotage patterns and  permanent life-changing solutions using the complete PANACEA system to reprogram your subconscious mind with Genetic Recoding™,
  • This deeper internal work will guide you to decode blind-spots to upgrade your mental and emotional psychology,
  • Enables you to overcome negative programming and sabotage patterns through childhood and (epigenetic) generational healing,
  • Will guide you to recode self-sabotage, fears, and limiting beliefs to instill new positive beliefs, habits, and behaviors that you wish to model within relational and family dynamics, nourishing and healing the entire generational system as a chain-breaker,
  • Identify innate gifts to contribute on a larger scale to unlock your 90% mind potential to thrive in all areas of life.
  • Includes the PANACEA system, done for you therapeutic workbook, and session templates.

This alignment work will enable you as a professional to go deeper with your clients utilizing the same proven therapeutic techniques, workbook questions, and recoding exercises included in a "done for you" practitioners manual and business-in-a-box, guiding families and individuals in overcoming sabotaging behaviors and negative patterns, while perceptually reframing the subconscious and unconscious mind on an epigenetic level, getting to the source of the challenge.


This eCourse offers:

A fully international-accredited diploma upon successful completion of the practitioner program and preliminary exam to ensure the competency of our certified professionals.


It includes a practitioner manual and a business-in-a-box with therapeutic exercises, templates, and experientials in a P.A.N.A.C.E.A. workbook designed for professional use, and to equip our graduates with the ability to advance or begin a successful career right away, positioning them as a qualified expert in their field!

  • Accredited 6-8 week diploma course,
  • Available in written & video modules,
  • Digital, printable, & downloadable,
  • 14-Day money back guarantee! 
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Upgrade to the Participant eCourse (Level II) Regular Price $697.00
Upgrade to the Participant Course and receive the Introductory course FREE!
  • This eCourse is ideal for those seeking a powerful, shortcut system to self-healing and getting to the root with Genetic Recoding,
  • The Participant eCourse in Genetic Recoding includes the 7-step PANACEA to genetically reprogram your subconscious mind and overcome negative individual and family patterns,
  • Identify innate gifts to contribute on a larger scale to unlock your 90% mind potential to thrive in all areas of life.


This generational healing program is beneficial for families and couples! For those that are serious about genetic recoding, completing your soul-work, advancing your healing, or diving deeper to fulfill your purpose and unlock your potential, this Participant eCourse is designed to do just that.


This inner healing will enable you to upgrade your mental and emotional psychology, recode self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, epigenetic propensities and family patterns to instill new positive beliefs, habits, and behaviors that you wish to model within relational and family dynamics, nourishing and healing the entire generational system!

  • 4-8 week Accredited Certificate of Completion eCourse,
  • Available in Written & Video Modules,
  • Digital & Downloadable Formatting
  • 14-Day Money Back guarantee!

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Holistic, Mindset-Mastery, Therapeutic, Spiritual Psychology, Psychotherapy, Epigenetic & Generational Patterns, Relationship Empowerment, Self-healing, Soul Purpose, Unlocked Potential, and Fully Accredited Diploma

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"I absolutely LOVE this practitioner program to not only receive guidance and ideal results in my own life, but to also have easy and fun exercise templates with a done for you workbook for my clients. It has simplified my life so much! I gained so much knowledge and wisdom in this course, more than I could have expected to help me advance to the next level of my life. My clients think it's the most advanced therapy they have ever had and I continually receive many referrals! It has truly changed my life, mind, relationships, and career! Thank you!"

Ashley, H.H.P., C.B.T


"I have learned a lot and gained quite a bit of value from this. I looked forward to it every week!" I overcame sabotage patterns in my relationships and even received a raise. I have a better outlook on my life and feel better everyday!
 C. D.~

"I'm recoding my DNA thanks to ecourses by

Liberated Living!!

You should check out these courses for your own personal healing!! I am already getting so much value. It has made a difference in my life already"!



"I wasn't new to therapy, however I used to suffer with PTSD and other cognitive distortions that I have healed. I feel like a new person and even have a new mindset because I've overcome my past programming. I've stepped into a new potential and have even transformed physically for the better. I am performing much higher in life with higher self-confidence and achievements, thanks to these effective strategies. It's different from anything else out there. I have recommended many folks to Liberated Living".


"I have healed so much trauma and gained so much self-love. I am a much better person today and feel so accomplished, gained a higher emotional I.Q. because of this course, thank you"!



"You can’t NOT improve your life with this course!”

I Love it. I have learned from it!!! It takes time for me to digest it because I have never put that kind of great wisdom into my mind!!! It is very valuable!!! I became a better person through the process. I Love it, thank You!!"

C. C. J.


I have gained such a new perspective with knowledge I have never known before to help me heal and succeed. It's very eye-opening and I am learning so much! I have taken many courses and what makes Liberated Living stand out from the rest is by addressing the core genetic or childhood programming. I would love to provide a testimonial of my success from this course. I highly recommend it! 

R. O. Wellness Coach


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