~ Pulling off a Killer Comeback Workbook ~

An 11-paged PRINTABLE workbook/adjacent guide to bouncing back from any setback!

What you'll get in the "Pulling off a Killer Comeback" workbook:


  • A simple, clean, asthetic format
  • Personal content
  • Short stories about my personal experiences
  • Encouragement for you to bring out your own awesomeness
  • And introductory page
  • A section on "Evaluating Your Values"
  • A section on "Accepting The Setback"
  • A section on "Finding Your Passion"
  • A section on "Creating Your Aspirations"
  • A section on "Goal Execution" 
  • A section on "Keeping Yourself Motivated"
  • And conclusion page to wrap it all up!
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