Hey Runner! Do you want to have plenty of energy to get you through your next race and AVOID hitting the wall? Chase after your next PR and finish feeling strong!

Get your FREE step-by-step guide to using real food to enhance your performance for your next race - without just bingeing on pasta!

Fuel Better. Run Faster.

Hi! My name is Jackie Kirchner and I am a nutrition enthusiast and a running fanatic.

I help runners learn how to fuel their bodies better so that they can improve their endurance and run faster.


Unlike one-size-fits-all meal plans or diets that are rigid or eliminate entire food groups, I help runners establish new sustainable habits that increase their energy and fitness so they can smash their next PR.

If you’re serious about performing better or getting healthy while running - but you're struggling to balance your lifestyle with proper nutrition, then work with me. 

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