Lighten Your Path to Prosperity in 2021
Discover your power to create sustainable change from the inside-out
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January 7, 2021
6:30pm - 8:00pm CST
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It's time to let go of all the things that were holding you back in 2020 and start your new year with clarity, purpose and drive. In this workshop our panel of experts will give you sustainable tools that will help you carve out your new path for the year and beyond. This is not just a quick fix that will last a few weeks. This workshop looks at us as whole human beings where change takes place both inside and out. Turn your internal burning ember into a light that shines on the world.

Phyllis Smith
Live Free Yoga Co-founder, Phyllis Smith and
co-creator of the mindfulness video series, Lighter Being, MC's this extraordinary experience with three experts in the field of wholistic change.
2020 was the year of fear, doubt and worry. We all had to rapid-adapt to so many things including COVID, the economy, elections and civil unrest. 
2021 is the time for you to learn from the past year, reclaim your sanity and carve a new path for your future.
Our expert panelists will help you clear the chaos in your mind and your environment and take action on a new and better you. 
Change comes from within. 
Tida Chambers

Tida Chambers is Co-founder of Live Free Yoga, as well as guide and co-creator for the mindfulness video series, Lighter Being. Tida holds a BA in Psychology and an MBA. She has been a successful entrepreneur for the last 30 years – the last 17 teaching yoga and mindfulness to youth and adults. She is a certified 500-HR EYRT yoga teacher, RCYT, Mindfulness specialist and forever Student of Life!  


Tida brings a sense of guidance and light that is potent, directive, awakening and stabilizing. She will guide you to find new levels of freedom and light within yourself in the following ways:

  • A personal check-in to develop self-awareness by learning how to move your minds beyond judgement, and into acceptance and allowance
  • Conscious breathing exercises to clear and stabilize your mind (clarity)
  • Mindful movement – a gentle movement practice
  • Rest and relaxation for both your mind and body

Tida’s greatest hope and desire is that you find that place within you that is all-powerful and knowing, so that you can become the creator of the greatest version of yourself, your life and your world.


“May your inner light and wisdom guide you toward your true and whole potential" ~Tida


Cristina Sigurdson

Cristina Sigurdson is the owner and lifestyle designer at Clean, Chic & Centered Professional Organizers.  After obtaining her BBA from the University of Houston, while pursuing a decade long marketing career, she awoke to the deep desire within herself to help others achieve their goals.


Helping others realize their version of organization through thoughtful reflection and understanding is how she spreads love and light in this world.


Through utilization of the Triple C Method, will teach you how to banish overwhelm and become the creator of your environment.  We will review how to utilize this three step method to organize your space as well as your time!


Come along for the journey to free yourself of comparison and embrace lasting change.


Damian Nordmann

Damian Nordmann is a Mindset Coach, Business Coach, and Mentor to Superheroes!  He works with "Dharmapreneurs" (Entrepreneurs whose businesses are unique expressions of their Higher Purpose) to help them align with the Superhero Success Laws for greater impact and profitability.  He coaches people to transform their money story and live the most authentic and embodied life possible!


You've probably heard of the Law of Attraction, but did you know there are twelve other laws you need to understand to make the Law of Attraction work?

Damian will share three of these laws with you:

  1. The Law of Clear Perspective sets you on the right course to meet your goals and visions.
  2. The Law of Abundance ensures that wealth is flowing in every area of your life.
  3. The Law of Relativity will help you take the necessary actions with confidence and security, so you can have the health, wealth, relationships, and fulfilment that you crave!

Damian will be sharing how these laws work and the simple keys to activate each law for your greatest good.

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