5 ways to improve
your online surveys
Ultimate online surveys are not very useful if no one completes them, right?
The use of pictures, diagrams, page breaks and much more can make an impact on whether individuals will complete your survey
The question we would all like answered is: How do you use many different features of an online survey software to create the ultimate survey individuals would complete?
In this ebook we'll discuss how to design an online survey, and we don't mean the simple adding questions and deleting... We mean:
  • Understanding the science of online surveys
  • Understanding why consumers will complete an online survey
  • How to make a large survey look small..
  • And the ticking time clock

The Author

Jake Pryszlak is a Senior Research Executives at a leading sports research company in the UK. 
Jake also blogs, using his ever growing and global reach. Via
He blogs about his general thougths on Market Research or the next generation of Market Research.
Jake also likes to review the latest products that can help his colleagues and other researchers around the world.
Whilst reviewing, Jake also likes to test those products and doesnt recommend a product if he is not using it himself.
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