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The moon in all its glory.

My spine was cold from the concrete

staring up at the fleshy hue of the moon

It could have been a painting

and it probably will

but for that moment

I just watched

as the first month of 2019 burned away

with a constant flowing 

and fading of days

how quickly the hours fly

and me with just this 

barely written page...




If it were back in history 

we would have been praying

and falling to our knees with fear

that the world was finally ending

how dark and frightening it must have seemed

all the mysteries of the sky, the night

the stars

how sad that science

steals all the questions

all the glorious romanticism

of staring at a blood moon

expecting the end

how many times have people

stared at the sky

at night

with love

with fear

with suspicion


and doubt

all the mysteries

that make this life


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