Ask These Questions Before You 
EVER Write A Job Posting Again  
When we ask hiring managers for a list of skills, that's what they give us.
That's what we write in the job post. 
That's what candidates hate. 
This simple meeting template provides one-of-a-kind questions
to help you understand hiring criteria so you can write a better job posting. 
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Katrina Kibben
Founder of Three Ears Media
Katrina Kibben has been an army brat, social media ninja, employer brand copywriter, and keynote speaker. But today she has the best job of all: job post writing coach. As CEO of Three Ears Media, Katrina takes a high-energy, humorous, and non-traditional approach to teach global recruiting teams practical advice for writing job postings that convert passive, online candidates into your next best hire.
Katrina wrote a book on job postings and has been sharing her ideas on stages and online for over 10 years. Her articles are featured on sites like Fortune Magazine, LinkedIn's Talent Blog and more.