Ask These Questions Before You
EVER Write A Job Posting Again 
When we ask hiring managers for a list of skills, that's what they give us.
That's what we write in the job post.
That's what candidates hate.
This simple meeting template provides one-of-a-kind questions
to help you understand hiring criteria so you can write a better job posting. 
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Katrina Kibben
Founder of Three Ears Media

Katrina (Kat) Kibben is an award-winning writer and keynote speaker known for helping hiring teams write inclusive, unbiased job postings that help them hire the right person faster. 

Before founding Three Ears Media, Katrina was a CMO, Technical Copywriter, and Managing Editor for leading companies like,, and Randstad Worldwide. Today, Katrina is frequently featured as an HR and recruiting expert in publications like The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and Forbes. 

Kat travels the country in their RV while dividing time between North Carolina, Colorado, and the dogs behind the name Three Ears Media.