FREE list of 65 whole food finger food ideas for your baby
Train your baby's taste buds
Many of the finger food ideas you can find on BLW (Baby Led Weaning) forums are some kind of mixed dishes, like muffins or egg creations with fruit or vegetables mixed in them.
But to learn to like real food your baby needs to also experience it in its whole form. This is exactly what this resource will show you how to do.
What about choking?
Research shows that safe finger foods are not more likely to make your baby choke than purees or milk.
This list includes the best SAFE finger foods for babies from 6months so you can rest assured that your baby is learning to self feed in a safe way.
Save time to enjoy your baby more
The best thing about this list of whole food finger foods is that are they very easy to prepare and some require no preparation at all.
In fact, many of the ingredients are already sitting in your fridge, pantry or fruit bowl, ready to be washed, peeled, cut and served.
So you do not need to spend $$$ on groceries or hours cooking.
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