The smart recipe app designed for you
Discover amazing recipes matched to your exact tastes and cook them from start to finish without touching the screen.

And that's just the beginning...

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Look, no hands!

No more sticky screens. No more constant unlocking. No more losing your place. Follow a recipe from start to finish without touching the screen.

All controlled by a simple phrase: “HeyFood”.

Love at first bite

Love cheese? Hate tomato? No problem! HeyFood uses your likes and dislikes to build a taste profile that's as unique as you are. The app uses this data to intelligently match you to recipes that you’re guaranteed to love.

Discover your new favourite meals with HeyFood.


Save recipes from anywhere

Found a great recipe in your new cookbook? Super! Take a photo and HeyFood will automatically convert it to a smart recipe and save it to your collection.


The same works online. Paste a link to a recipe and HeyFood will extract it.


No more tearing pages out of magazines. No more forgetting where you found that recipe online.


Save all of your recipes into one place and they'll be there, whenever you need them.

Other features, designed for you

Shared accounts 

Combine friends and family profiles under one account and only pay once. HeyFood cleverly combines each person’s likes and dislikes to find recipes that everyone will love!


Meal plans and idea boards

Send meal ideas and weekly plans to people in your shared account. Recipients then vote for the recipes they want to eat the most. Happy tummies all round!


The center of your food world

Collect all of your recipes into one place, add ingredients to shopping lists and even buy them online with your favourite retailer.


All this for the price of a ☕ 

HeyFood combines all these powerful features into one simple package. For the price of a cup of coffee per month you can get full access. 

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