Finding Financial Freedom
How you Can Create an Abundance of Wealth in Small Town America
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No More Tricks
You're facing a glass barrier, which you probably didn't even know existed.
Small towns and public schools provide you very few (if any) resources to build your financial knowledge.
Large businesses and crooked entrepreneurs know this. And unfortunately, many will leverage this to their own advantages.
You're an intelligent, and hardworking person; you deserve more than this.
You deserve more results for your efforts, and more overall wealth.

Your potential is limitless. Limitless. Think about that for a moment. Other finance authors seem t0 want to teach you three basic things:

  • make spending cuts
  • reduce debt
  • learn to live with your current financial situation


I strongly feel as if that is undermining you as a person.


You are smart, you are capable, and you are valuable. You aren’t a mindless sheep. You deserve to be treated better.


You should learn what you personally desire from this life, and act accordingly. If you truly love drinking $7 cups of coffee, you should drink that coffee, and give the middle finger to every finance person who tells you that you’re being wasteful.


Other finance gurus may tell you to make safe investments, pinch your pennies, and cut almost all the fun from your life. I won’t, because that’s not what you need to hear. You need to make investments that you’re comfortable with (whether they’re safe, or high risk, doesn’t matter), you need to cut spending from areas of your life that don't matter to you, and you need to take every good moment you have, and enjoy it.

Defining "Financial Freedom"
The Motivation for Money
Assessing your Personal Situation
What to do when you literally have $0
How to Build an Effective Budget
Keep More of what You Earn
Combat Spending Temptations
How to Quickly Boost your Credit
Net Worth isn't Worth as much as you Think
The Side Hustle You Absolutely Need
Why your Current Job isn't Helping You
How to Avoid being Exploited for Profit
Financial Advisors & Mutual Funds aren't your Friends
A Better Investment
The Secret to Absolute Financial Freedom
The Millionaire's Secret
A 1%er's Advice to You
Closing Words + Contact Information
A Bonus Workbook
Finding Financial Freedom
How you Can Create an Abundance of Wealth in Small Town America 
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