Constance’s mother groomed her to be a wife—meek, submissive, a perfect representation of her man—and she has mastered the art. In fact, following her mother’s example landed her an ambitious attorney, with a promising future in politics. No, she isn’t head over heels in love, but love isn’t nearly as important as being a flawless wife for the perfect man, especially when her biological clock is ticking on fast forward.



Everything, from her striking beauty, thriving business, and flourishing relationship, earns the admiration and envy of her social circle, yet Constance secretly desires something more, something different. She envies her friends for what she can’t seem to achieve and yearns for the one who got away—with a wife and a baby. When she meets a handsome stranger at her father's church, she begins to redefine her predisposed notions of love and happiness, but is she willing to risk everything she’s worked for on a gamble? Before discovering the answer, Constance finds herself entangled in a salacious web of sex, lies, and deceit, leaving her questioning her faith and wondering if she will live to see another day.



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