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With a convenient and easy-to-use eBook format, Healthy Side Dishes is unlike traditional cookbooks in that it is easily accessible and convenient to use. Not at home? Cooking at a friend's home? No problem! You can access it any time! Make great dishes even when you're away from home, and please your friends and family wherever you go!!

Veggies are DELICIOUS!
Healthy Side Dishes gives everyone a chance to enjoy these wonderful recipes. I've included some of my favorite veggie sides in this 32 page cookbook just for you. Not only are these some of my favorites, but every recipe is gluten free! Unlike other recipes that may claim to be gluten free but really contain fillers and other stuff, recipes in this cookbook are straight-up gluten free. 



In this cookbook, you'll discover:

Braised Veggies

Braising Veggies:


Don't be afraid of braising. It's just a fancy word that means cooking in liquid. I'll show you how to combine different vegetables with aromatics to make side dishes the whole family will love!

Roasted Veggies

Roasting Veggies:


Roasting brings out the most incredible flavors in vegetables! I'll show you how to use dry heat to bring out the natural sugars... creating a deep and rich flavor that is just wonderful to eat.

Sauteed Veggies

Sauteing Veggies:


The fastes of all the methods to cook vegetables, you'll see just how easy it is to use high heat and a little bit of oil to make some of the most flavorful vegetables to come out of your kitchen!

Every Recipe is:


Right in your own kitchen!

The Author

Scott Groth is a former executive that took a love of food from a hobby to the kitchen of his cooking school and catering company.
Hi: I love to share my passion for creating recipes, teaching technique and exploring all that food has to offer! 
I belive in using whole, fresh ingredients and leaving all the other stuff on the shelf where it belongs. 
You'll never find anything on my blog, in this cookbook or in my kitchen that I don't love to cook or eat. 
If you're living LOW CARB and GLUTEN FREE, join me today by downloading this book.
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