You're a spiritual entrepreneur who has poured countless hours, blood, sweat and tears into your business. No matter how much time and energy you spend on getting your business off the ground, it continuously feels like an uphill battle. You know business isn't supposed to be this hard but you can't figure out what you're doing wrong.



What if I said you weren't doing anything wrong, but there were some energetic shifts that need to happen.



When you're out of alignment everything feels HARD. It's hard to create content, to attract clients, to make the sale… When you're out of alignment, you're out of flow. It can be difficult to connect to your intuition, follow your intuitive nudges, and you feel constantly surrounded by noise and the energy of struggle.



This free PDF is all about being out of Alignment. Specifically how to know if you're out of alignment and what to do about it. Enter your email address below to get your free copy so you can start making the energetic shifts needs to rock the shit out of your business.



My name is Amanda, The Intuitive Wife and energy is my JAM! I work with my clients to bust through their energetic blocks, fall back in love with their business, rock their purpose and prosper.

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