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YOU are one of the few IT Pro’s to take the time to INVEST in learning what you need to do in order to never have to touch printers again. Sounds great right?
Read on!

So, where MOST IT Managers remain frustrated having to deal with printer issues…

and go through different print management vendors, and never quite get there… You’re going to fly right past that and get the ACTUAL results you want, a LOT FASTER than you might think possible right now...
Laser Line has been managing over 30,000 printers for over 3,000 customers for more than 30 years! Plus, we're an HP Silver Partner and one of the Mid-Atlantic’s premier printer service providers!
And the reason I know that is because all I’ve done over the past 30 plus years, is work with IT professionals like you to remove printer problems from their daily workload...
…and the 5 things I’m going to cover HERE are the exact same things that only the MOST SUCCESSFUL IT professionals care about, while the rest continue to struggle and fail.
If we haven’t officially met, my name is Will McFarland, and let me tell you what we’re going to cover here...
I’m going to show you how to save time, but this is really just one part of a larger path.
So I’m going to show you and WALK YOU THROUGH all the important steps and nuances that you need to know right now… and I’m ALSO going to show you exactly where this falls in the big picture…

Because there’s a greater journey to get from point A to point B, and I’m going to tell you about that as well...But first, let me walk you through

The Top 5 Reasons IT Professionals Outsource Managing Printers to Laser Line...

The Top 5 Reasons IT Professionals Outsource Managing Printers to Laser Line

1. You’ll have enough time to eat lunch!

2. We’ll reduce your help desk call volume by 23% or more, so that you can reassign talent to more important issues.

3. We’ll make your costly supply closet disappear, and create happy and productive end users.

4. Our service is like having an experienced printer technician on your staff, without adding to your payroll or signing a contract.

5. You’ll never have to deal with printers again!


And that’s just for starters! 


What if you didn’t have to worry about supplies ordering or even making a call for them? What if worrying about equipment refresh and upgrades could be nothing but a bad memory?


Now as I said earlier, fixing your printer headaches is just a part of this greater journey… and we have a PROVEN model with a very SPECIFIC framework to get you from here to there.


So what I’d like to do is INVITE you to consider making a very small TIME investment in your business and success, by watching this video.


That way we can get you ULTRA-CLEAR about YOUR specific strategy, and get you started by figuring out what YOU should be doing in your business RIGHT NOW, if you want to save time.


What could you do with 23% more time in a work day?


So go ahead and push play, and I'll see you on the other side.


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