Menopause Hacks Coaching Program - Outline


Menopause is not sexy. It’s not cool to the rest of the fitness world. That's why you feel ignored.



Now is the time to reduce your stress and start feeling energised.


You’re finally ready to get your mojo back and lose that mid-life fluff around your belly. Menopause f#cking sucks and it’s thrown at us with no warning at all.
It can be like living in a fog and I am here to get you through the other side.



The old ways don’t work anymore, so it’s time to start something new!




If you are a woman over 40 living with peri-to-post menopause then I know your desperation. I’ve tried every fitness craze and diet known that exists, I’ve tried all the quick fixes and it never works long term.  The many symptoms of menopause can leave you feel exhausted, not motivated and stressed to the eyeballs. It’s time to start taking a new approach to your health and wellness that looks at every aspect of your life. There should be NO strict rules or restrictions in your life,

diets do not work, you have the control that can make you feel renewed and restored again.



Listen, I might be keep things fun and sometimes inappropriate, but I know my shit! You can trust me through this process know I am here to support you.

Enrollment is OPEN NOW!

Menopause Hacks is Open for Enrollment NOW!

What’s on the other side?

  • You’ll have a renewed energy and zest for life again

  • Finally you can stop spinning your wheels on yo-yo dieting

  • Get to grips with nutrition to lose menopause weight gain

  • Embrace aging and learn to love your body once more

  • Get strong, feel confident and empowered

  • Workout efficiently without eating into your precious time

What you get when you join.

  • 12 MENOPAUSE HACKS for winning through your menopause and beyond.

  • YOU GET ME for 6 months of coaching, I’ll be right by your side.

  • FIND YOUR TRIBE. You will be connected to a community of like-minded women in the same boat as you.

  • NO DIETS. Fueling your body for great results, nutritional strategies to take the guess work out of what you eat.

  • MOVING Exercise workouts that are specifically designed with you in mind, that are effective and time efficient for the full duration of the program.

  • YOU TIME! is a huge part of the program, focusing on positive mindset strategies, relaxation techniques and restoration of the body to reset and renew.

  • RESILIENCY - learn pyschological techniques to help you build resiliency through aging.
  • EUREKA! Finally understanding why you are experiencing symptoms that make no sense and strategies to help you cope.


This is the only program of it’s kind on the market, there isn’t a single step you need to think about, it’s all been done for you.  

Simple and strategic skills are delivered in manageable chunks with actionable skills that will last you a lifetime.