A substitute teacher placement system
may be the solution to your staffing challenges!
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Operating System
You will become the leading early childhood substitute teacher placement company in your area by applying the Teachers for Tomorrow Operating System to day-to-day operations, marketing, teacher training and by recruiting the very best teachers and partner schools.
The Operating System includes:

Full Marketing Plan

Full Teacher Training System

Full Set of Step-by-Step Instructions

Full Set of All Forms and Templates

and an Evergreen System - you get all the       upgrades and enhancements at no additional cost

This is what one of our operating system owners had to say...

"The fact that Aleta had already thought through all the details. It was just so complete. From the contracts to the trainings to the how-tos, how to set it up, how to set up your own company, how to hire, how to interview, how to train, how to market. It was a complete package and it's really a no-brainer if you follow all the steps they tell you to do...Aleta and her team have been so helpful. We do the monthly webinar meetings and...we feel so pumped up and encouraged and they make us feel like we are doing a really good job. They're really great at that!"

Karen Brown, SimplySubstitutes

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