THE RELATER'S MANUAL - A Guide For Men (It's Free)


by Dyann Bridges 


Get the Response You Want From Her.

Understand the Gender Polarities.


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to The Relater's Manual and The Gender Polarities...

In The Relater's Manual  

Part ONE - Gender Polarities  

(it's Free)   You’ll Learn:



  • What Female Impotence is and how you can help prevent it
  • (Hint: it has nothing to do with sex)
  • How to stand up TO her and FOR yourself, without making an already tense situation worse
  • Why asking yourself, "How deeply do I want to experience life?" -  will help your relationships
  • How the BRAINS between men and women are different and why that's important
  • Learn how managing your inner environment is the REAL KEY to a successful relationship and life

Be that guy who becomes her rock. Her hero. 


It's easier than you think when you understand the Gender Polarities. 


So Go Deep... to Have The Relationship You Want With Her.


Get the Relater's Manual. FREE  ($10 value)

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