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It's a lot of crafty goodness, soul-stretching fun and beauty meant to help you evolve your soul and your crafting.


On the first of the month in each Jan / Apr / Jul / Oct, you'll receive a themed workbook which will be a beautiful mixture of:

  • a discussion of the theme (think self-love 💖, luck 🍀, creativity 🎨, etc.)
  • life-coaching tips;
  • journal prompts; 📝
  • a 12x12 scrapbooking sketch you can adapt to your own crafting style - pocket pages, traveler's notebook, art journal or other format;
  • a photo of my own scrapbook page / interpretation of the project; and
  • an oracle card reading. 🔮

Throughout you'll receive the occasional check-in to see how you are making out, which may include:

  • quotes;
  • beautiful images 📸;
  • videos 📹; and
  • perhaps even a Spotify playlist 🎶!

 But you can be certain that I'll mix it up every workshop 😉


Welcome to the EVOLVE! Crafty Collective! 

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