Rules of publication in Teancum

What we do in teancum

  • We write articles about the scriptures. The Bible, The Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and The pearl of great price.
  • We work at the source, we do not comment on manuals or speeches.
  • We use manuals, speeches or any other source as an appointment. Identifying its author and content with a url.
  • We do not reproduce works of other people but we create new ones.
Level of quality in the contents
  • There is not a quality standard. We study, meditate, pray and share the best we know.
  • Content control ?, your common sense and knowing each other little by little through your contributions.
  •   We do not publish doctrine. But we open new spaces and point out new objects and ideas. We are not an academic website. We are people who study the scriptures.

Content format.

  • The articles range between 500 and 2500 words. But that is your free choice
  • The rules and formats of paragraphs and subtitles are guided by the YOAST plugin, active in teancum. It is the best advisor to organize your content well.
  • You will always have our help so that your article is well positioned in the search engines.
  • The frequency of your publications is what you decide.
  • Your articles will always be identified with your name and will be your property. You can share it in any media or social network.
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