LSMB 5-Day Business Plan Challenge

You're about to discover the most untapped resource for businesses to grow and scale their businesses financially!

What You Will Receive In The LSMB 5 Day Challenge...

CLARITY      |     RESOURCES     |      A SOLID PLAN

Day 1
Understanding Your Business Model
Do you understand how your business operates?
Are you running a lean company or do you have a great deal of wastes in time and money?
We will examine 7 key areas of your business. Additional support can be obtained outside of the challenge, if needed.
Day 2
The Elements of a Successful Business Plan
Business plans can be one page or several pages. The most important thing is to know what you should have in them regardless to how short or long in length.
Day 3 
How to Craft A Winning Executive Summary
It's the first part of a business. Therefore, it is one of the most important sections of your business plan. But let's talk about what goes in it and why.
Day 4
Market Research and Why You Need it
Do you know how what's going on in your industry?  We will dissect Market Research and you will receive resources and tools to help you learn more than you thought you ever could about your industry.
Day 5
The 3 Must Have Financial Statements
It really does not matter whether you are trying to bring on a partner, get funding or introduce your idea to see if someone is interested in investing, your business plan should have at least these three financial statements and you should understand them thoroughly.