Church is a Team Sport Podcast

Episode 1: It Starts with YOU!

Welcome to the Church is a Team Sport Podcast with Lance Wigton and Jim Putman! Jump into the essential elements of leading a disciple-making church, no matter its size. Benefit from Jim's 25 years of growth-focused church leadership and his wrestling and coaching background, as they expand on his book's concepts, sharing practical tips and personal successes and failures. Each episode promises to leave you better prepared to face leadership challenges and embrace victories while molding your team into effective disciple-makers for Jesus's great commission.


Episode 2: Recruitment and Training

In this episode of the podcast, Jim Putman and Lance Wigton talk about the importance of recruiting and developing players for the team when it comes to church leadership. Real Life Ministries began with no tangible assets other than people. This prompted the beginning leaders to have a strategic shift in perspective – they needed to recruit and harness people as their primary resource. It wasn't just about filling seats; it was about adopting a coach's mindset.

Episode 3: Building a Winning Team


In this episode of the podcast, Lance Wigton and Jim Putman delve into some essential strategies for church leaders and senior pastors when it comes to building effective teams. They tackle the common misconception that importing trained individuals from outside is the best approach, shedding light on a more sustainable and fruitful method—raising staff from within the congregation.



Chuch is a Team Sport Book

Church is a Team Sport Book

How do churches grow and make an impact in their community . . . and the world? They work together in intentional ways in order to maximize everyone’s gifts. They’re mission-driven.

Church Is a Team Sport shows proven ways to push believers, new and mature, toward growth as both Christians–and leaders. Through this powerful, thought-provoking volume, ministers both in the congregation and on staff will discover how to expand the church one soul at a time.

Making disciples is the crux of pastor Jim Putman’s message. The plan works. Caring for people, following up on stray sheep, and teaching what it means to love God and obey him. That’s how Church Is a Team Sport transforms Christians from Monday-morning quarterbacks into dynamic players.

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