The Step-by-Step Game Plan Our Clients Use to

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(Even if you currently have no clients or credentials)


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In this Free Training, You'll Discover:

  • How coaches, therapists, and counselors are able to start or advance a lucrative practice and profit from the start instead of build a practice entirely on their own or wait months/years to get paid,
  • How to remove painful lessons & beliefs to get paid with purpose by making a positive impact
  • Increase time and money freedom with the option to work remotely or from home,
  • What our clients are doing to gain the confidence that sets themselves apart from other healing experts, therapists, counselors, and life coaches to become recognized as a top leader in their marketplace,
  • The shortcut strategy they use to increase qualifications or add to existing credentials,
  • And, how they do ALL this, even if they currently have no clients or credentials, feel overwhelmed or burned out, and so much more!


Presented by Corinne & Camille Sullivan, CEO & Founders of Liberated Living


Holistic Practitioners, Therapists, Authors, Teachers, and Creators of the shortcut PANACEA system for healing professionals.


Corinne and Camille Sullivan are the founders of Liberated Living, Authored and Co-authored Educational Psychology Material, "Done For You" Internationally Accredited Diploma, eCourses, eBooks, Audio-books, Turnkey Operations for Coaches & Therapists, Advanced Signature Series in “Genetic Recoding”, 7 step P.A.N.A.C.E.A. System, Therapeutic Workbook, Self-Love is the PANACEA, Discover Your Relationship Archetype, Heal Codependency, & Generational Patterns, Soul-Work, Awaken The Inner Healer, “Twinning" Dietary Guideline, Holistic & Behavioral Iridology Courses, 'The Personality Temperaments', Internationally Accredited Certification Courses, and more.

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