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"How to practise for a Performance"
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Why attend this class?
We all know that when we practise for a performance, we go about our playing in a slightly different way than usual. But how exactly do you prepare properly for a performance and get the most of your practise time? This class will also include information about memorising and concentration skills.
More details:
In this free live online class, we will be discussing strategies you can employ to play more successfully in public, either solo or in groups.
Who will be teaching this class?
This class will be taught by Henriette de Vrijer, director of Pro-Am Strings and a violin teacher in the UK.
Who is this class for?
This class will be suitable for all levels of players of all string instruments. 
What will I get out of this class?
At the end of this class you should have a good understanding of how to practise efficiently and effectively for a performance. You will have a deeper understanding of why and how to memorise your pieces and you will also have picked up valuable hints and tips about enhancing your concentration skills.
When do I attend?
The classes on both dates are live classes and in essence the same, although they may vary, depending on students' questions and contributions. We offer two classes, so that players in different timezones can attend. Please indicate on the form above which class you would like to attend.
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