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Lin Sok is a Montreal-based financial security advisor and founder of SOHON Financial, offering insurance, investment, and mortgage solutions for her clients.

She uses a fun yet no-nonsense approach to money and finance.  Lin believes in the power of financial literacy and that everybody has the right to generate wealth, no matter their background.


(T) 438 871 4663


FB: Lin Sok

LinkedIn: Lin Sok

IG: @moneyandstrategy 




Lisa-Marie Farley D.O.
Manual osteopath, exercise specialist and teacher. My passion and purpose is in helping people connect and elevate their healing powers through awareness and different therapeutic modalities. You are your own best therapist is my philosophy. Currently working on a holistic women’s health & wellness platform and community and would love to connect with any likeminded individual to grow our impact all together. 

Instagram @farleylisamarie & @eldoa_qc



Aisha Saintiche is a certified Health Coach and the founder and owner of MetoMoi Health. With over fifteen years of experience in Mental Health, Accessibility and Diversity and Inclusion, Aisha has used her experience as a strategic advisor and health coach to understand the complexity and intersectionality of the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual barriers that keep people from achieving their optimized health and wellness.


Aisha also holds a B.A. in Honours Political Science, a Masters in Public Policy Administration and Law, as well as a certification in Change Management, Advanced Crisis Intervention and Counselling and Health Coaching. Most recently Aisha was hired by the Canadian Olympic Committee of Canada as an Integral Master Coach.


Always seeking opportunities to bring about change, she is also an active member and Board of Director for the Woman Abuse Council of Toronto (WomanACT) and the Board Chair for Afiwi Groove School. 







Lisa Di Domenico is a Career Coach and founder of Lisa D - Life by DesignTM Inc. She is passionate about helping women who feel professionally stuck and unfulfilled design a career and life they love! Leveraging her university education in psychology, 10 years experience as a certified career counsellor as well as her own experience of navigating and overcoming career unfulfillment, she has designed a coaching framework that marries the best practices from both industries and helps women step into their confidence and authenticity so they can find work that is aligned and create a life of balance and wellness.


IG @lisa_d_lifebydesign

FB: @lisadlifebydesign



Géraldine Jippé, CEO - GJ Consulting, is a serial entrepreneurs, in circular economy, environment, e-commerce an A.I. She won the entrepreneurial Competition: Cooperathon 2018 sponsored by Desjardins. She was incubated in various renown incubators in Montreal: Centech and NextAI.

Géraldine is a Web and technology enthusiast, her company offers digital transformation, digital marketing, automation and ecommerce service. Passionate about the digital economy, she supports and invests in local and international startups.

As a panelist, she was involved in discussion on A.I., women in tech and immigration, minorities and entrepreneurship in Quebec.


She's also a mentor at Futurpreneur, advising startups on business and online marketing strategies. She's the host and producer of Entrepreneurs, In Conversation With Géraldine, a large across boarders conversation on anything tech, innovation, creation and entrepreneurship


She loves to spend time with her loved-ones and is a strong believer in slowpreneurship.
At times, she's also an apprentie-intern in Python at Sikilabs, a Montreal-based Python firm.





Jaime Moar is both a teacher and entrepreneur at heart. After spending 10 years teaching yoga to kids, grown-ups and all ages with special needs she has now stepped into her true calling as an Alignment Coach and human design reader. With a background in education, psychology, yoga, personal development and human design Jaime has a toolbelt overflowing with gifts to share. And if you haven't heard about human design, get ready to learn about a modality that will give you multiple permission slips to be yourself.

During the summers Jaime runs her family's marina/restaurant on beautiful Brome Lake in the Eastern Townships. While she never would have thought running a restaurant would be her dream, the Marina has become a part of her soul. She uses it to enhance a couple of her core values - connection and community. Oh! And she gets to teach yoga on the docks which is the most magical yoga studio around!

As a Manifesting-Generator who likes keeping busy, Jaime has learned that variety is the spice of her life. And she is so excited to help you discover the spice of your life!


Ways to connect:
IG: @jaimejessica
Website: (under renovations...just like my home)




Eleni Dracopoulos is a Self-Leadership Coach & Course Design Consultant.


She helps individuals who are seeking change, lead a life by their own standards and step into their worth. She also helps Entrepreneurs and Experts take their Zone of Genius and transform it into lucrative courses, workshops and programs. Eleni offers a first complimentary 1:1 meeting to anyone who is curious about coaching or consulting.

You can connect with Eleni in the following ways:


Facebook: @eldracopoulos




Kelly Pliakas 


I am the owner of 21st Century Food. A meal planning company that offers fresh, healthy meals delivered to your home - daily. It’s a family run business that allows us the flexibility to design a well-balanced lifestyle in our own home and to work passionately on creating delicious gourmet meals.


Our business solves a real-life problem for busy individuals and families. Knowing that you have healthy meals and healthy snacks available in your fridge, provides the peace of mind to get all your other daily tasks done.


I am a meal planning expert. Let me show you how to gain free time while improving your mental and physical health.



IG: @21stcenturyfood





Jennifer Kruidbos, MA has been dedicated to supporting women in health and wellness for over 15 years. She is the founder of Blawesome, the wellness technology company dedicated to supporting people’s wellbeing through a micro-learning community, and facilitating 1-1 coaching sessions. Jennifer also guides her team of over 5000 doTERRA wellness advocates to have more confidence and self-love as they build personal wellness rituals as well as build out their own unique direct-sales businesses. Almost everyday she goes for long walks with her fiance, Chris, meditates and does a movement routine to her fave music.





Natasha is an Art Director and Creative Producer with over 20 years in the field of photo and video production, and the last 10 years specialized in Fashion retail, and brand image and content strategy.


Her creative superpowers lie in her ability to translate ideas on paper into digital content that inspires, informs or entertains. Your projects become tangible visuals through mediums like photography and video with the collaboration of talented creative professionals. Everything to make your digital content needs for any channel a compelling reality and help you tell YOUR STORY.


Connect with Natasha here :






Maki Fukushima - Wellness Program Builder & Accountability Coach, Podcaster, Event Manager


Corporate event manager by day, fitness accountability coach by night. Merging project management skills and experience in wellness to create fitness challenges for those who need the guidance, motivation and accountability. Also launching a podcast this year where raw conversations and real talk will be held through the lens of Asian Canadians. Montreal born living in Toronto.

IG: @makikosarah

LinkedIn: @makifukushima


Carolina Aragão Safi, Founder of Hosting Table


I believe the dining table is the place where we gather with friends and family and where we create memories.

I help people, especially women, to create beautiful tablescapes for their family and guests, through workshops and private consultation, giving them the tools, techniques of items positioning and decor.

We create memories, one tablescape at a time.


IG: @hosting.table


Skye Marok


I am a cosmic vocational coach, eager to help those seeking a vocation that feels "Ahhh, just right" 😌  because you deserve to love the work you do.
By combining traditional coaching methods and vocational astrology, we can identify your natural aptitudes, unique style and abilities, what motivates you, and clarify current blocks to get you on the right track towards a vocation best suited for you!

Newer to the field, I am currently offering a Cosmic Vocational Discovery package for FREE. Contact me for more information, or if you're simply curious about coaching and vocational astrology.


G: @skyemarok
FB: @Skye Marok Coaching 




With a background in sustainability and renewable energies, Estelle Poiré is on a mission to accompany professional women to create their authentic life that eliminates the overwhelm of clutter. She dares to envision a world where conscious females pioneers of all ages are moving the world forward, one sustainable consumption habit at a time.


As a lifestyle consultant and speaker, Estelle is using her background in sustainability and as an accompanying person to guide women through their simple living and emotional healing transformational journey.




IG: @clutterfree_estelle
FB: Estelle Poiré


Moe AbdelAl

Owner and founder of MSZ Group; An international project manager, Leadership coach and a father of 3.


Helping men to create the legacy they want to leave behind and give them tools and the space to elevate their life and be the best version of themselves. Empower-men Vlog was created to build, create and transform men into what they needed and destined to be.


My goal is to help everyman I can interact with, get in touch, ask your deepest questions, get the answers you are looking for.



IG: @themoeabdelal




Sabrina Spezio is an Interior Designer and founder of her own full service design firm.

She and her team work closely with clients to give them the spaces they want, designed to fit their personal style, lifestyle and budget. No matter the scope of the project, residential or commercial, Sabrina and her team are there for their clients every step of the way. 


IG @sabrinaspeziodesign 



Desiree Ruiz - Community Builder, Business Consultant,  and Co-Founder of Les Lilas Society


I am a "Super Connector" that helps heart-centred entrepreneurs and companies generate leads, by connecting them to new ideas and to new people, so that they can make a bigger impact in this world.


I'm the person you call when you don't know who to call.


From introducing you to long-lasting strategic partners to getting your organization to embrace the power of community engagement, I’ll work the magic of my network for you.

Because I know that when the right people come together with common values and a desire to make an impact, sparks fly. 


LinkedIn: Desiree Ruiz

IG: @des.escalante











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