Loving Healing Creating Summit 2021


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Alluring Poppies

Alluring Poppies is a beautiful watercolor rendition of the stages of its life.    From a bud to a pod which drops its seedlings only to bring life again.  The stages of a flower are similar stages of our own lives. To me, all stages in life are beautiful, even as we age.  We don’t always see ourselves like this, especially when we are older when we start to see our body change.  We look upon ourselves and think..what the heck happened, where did that gray hair come from, I have wrinkles now..!!  I see my parents age and I just smile.  I hope this painting brings that same smile on your face as you create it.  Watercolors are soft, vibrant, calming and have a mind of their own.  Included with this project are the supply list, sample image, line drawing, and inspirational pictures with different color schemes for you to choose from or make your own!


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