Diamonds N' Denim
by Sarah Jones
Finding Financial Freedom
No More Tricks
Small towns and public schools provide you very few, if any, resources to build your financial knowledge.
Crooked businesses, entrepreneurs, and even financial advisors know this. And unfortunately, many will leverage this to their own profitable advantages.
I've studied these schemes, and the people behind them. I know how to avoid these dishonest tactics, and I want to help you too.
You're an intelligent, and hardworking person; you deserve more than this.
You deserve more results for your efforts, and more overall wealth.
Your Potential is Limitless
Your potential is limitless. Limitless. Think about that for a moment. Other finance authors seem t0 want to to teach you three basic things:
  • make spending cuts,
  • reduce debt, and
  • learn to live with your current financial situation
This method may be effective at building your savings account, but it undermines your your work ethic, your grit, and your potential as a successful being.
Life is short, but it's the longest thing you'll ever do- don't spend the entirety of it walking on the safe side.
My method for the creation of financial wealth:
  • Make Big Goals. What do YOU want out of your life?
  • Track your income. See how close you already are to your ideal lifestyle.
  • Make a Budget. Find a method that helps you stick with it.
  • Reduce your spending habits. It’s not about saving money, so much as just learning what you personally value, and what you don’t. This is never about making cuts in areas of your life that you value.
  • Recognize exploitation. Avoid it.
  • Earn Extra Cash. Passive income, side hustle, start a business, be an entrepreneur.
  • Take Risks. Invest. Make bad choices. Lose a little. Make good decisions. Win a little. Repeat.
  • Change your Mindset. Think like a 1%er.
  • Live your Ideal Lifestyle.
What's Inside?


The Definition of Financial Freedom

The Motivation for Money

Assessing your Situation

What to do when you literally have $0

How to Build a Budget

Make your Dreams Happen

Dealing with Debt

Keep more of your Money

Minimalism for Beginners

Combat the Spending Temptations

Build your Credit

Net Worth isn’t Worth that Much

Investing (Passive Income)

Finding your Hustle

How to Invest in Real Estate with No Money and No Credit Check

Learn How to Network

The Greatest Investment

Make your Job Work for You

Avoid Exploitation for Profit

Financial Advisors and Mutual Funds

The 1%er Mindset

Advice from the 18th Richest Person in the World


Closing Words

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  • An eBook version of "Finding Financial Freedom" (a $9.99 value!)
  • A free printable workbook (a $6.99 value!)
  • An eBook version of "Finding Financial Freedom" (a $9.99 value!)
  • A free printable workbook (a $6.99 value!)
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