“When the battle drum beats, it’s too late to sharpen your sword.” - Sir Winston Churchill


You probably realized you weren't prepared for this battle. In many aspects, there's no way anyone could have been!


On others, like physical health and mindset, we could have been doing better to prepare for the day a huge challenge came our way. But alas, overstuffed schedules, lack of support, low value of self-care all stopped us from scheduling in what we really needed.

I'd rather be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war. Wouldn't you?
But this pandemic caught everyone off guard. There's nothing we can do change the past, but there is SO MUCH we can do to empower ourselves now during the quarantine to set ourselves on a path of resiliency, strength, and fortitude.
It's time to start training our mind, body, and spirit for any challenge, big or small, that heads our way. We don't know what the future holds, but we CAN be ready to handle it with grace and ferocity.

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A multi-faceted membership for parents in any stage of the adventure, preconception to 20+ years postpartum, giving you community, movement, mobility, fun, education, adult and family exercise. Everything is designed to help you train for greater resiliency, connectivity, wisdom.


Part I

Live virtual classes include adult movement, family movement, mobility, and one on one training.


Part II

"Sharpening the Sword" live video show that interviews experts, brings community together, talks about living that Samurai Parent life, giveaways, reviews, laughs, and lots of coffee. (More details coming soon!)


Part III

Recorded workouts, exercises, and webinars hosted on our YouTube channel for those of you who can't join Live classes. These videos will be private as they are included in our Membership.





Samurai - $99/mo

A gift for yourself and another warrior. This pay-it-forward option makes it possible to offer a discounted rate to those struggling financially.


Sohei - $29/mo

All members are essential. This discounted rate allows us to maintain the energetic flow of money through our small business economy making it possible to continue serving the community.


Drop-in Live Training - $10 for 30 minutes / $20 for 60 minutes


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