Evidential Psychic Mediumship Certification Classes for 2019!


We'd like to announce new classes of our popular Evidential Psychic Mediumship Certification Classes for 2019 are beginning.

Exceptional Learning
This is a yearlong series with 24 classes in the series and 12 classes are held online in a live interactive  format.  There are specific exercises done in the 12 practicums.  All classes are required for certification.and the online class portion allows us to reach our students in different cities in Colorado and Wyoming.
Combo Classes
This year, we are changing it up a bit and DOING A COMBINATION OF ONLINE LIVE INTERACTIVE CLASSES WITH OUR PRACTICUMS (practice sessions) where you can practice each skill you learned in the online interactive class.
FREE Class - first 30 people
We are holding a FREE Introductory class.  Only 30 people can attend.  Get signed up NOW! Click the I'm interested button or   Send me an email if your attending that class and I'll put you on the list:  jude@judestarks.com


JOIN US... for a FREE Introductory Class on Friday January 11, 2019  at 5:50 - 7:30 pm at Goddess Isis Books, 2775 S. Broadway, Englewood, Colorado

Click the button to sign up for our free class and learn more about the Evidential Psychic Medium Certification Course in 2019

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