Did you know..that Black Women are 41% more likely to  die from breast cancer than Whites?
Together we can reduce the mortality of women of color from breast cancer through early detection.
The Breast Cancer Gaps Project was designed to understand and define the issues surrounding breast cancer mortality in black women.  Watch and share stories from our sisters, friends and loved ones and learn more about how mammography saves lives.
Why..? Because #wematter

Watch: Our Stories

Adrienne Jordan, Breast Cancer Gaps Project member talks about the work of the organization.


Patricia Leonard

A Mammogram Changed my Life

Patricia Leonard talks about her second chance at life.


Dr. Lashonda Soma

Facing Fear

Dr. Lashonda Soma talks about the fact that not all positive mammograms result in a breast cancer diagnosis. Fear of breast cancer should not keep you from getting a mammogram starting at age 40.


Adrienne Johnson

Get Screened

Adrienne Jordan talks about her experience with breast cancer and the importance of getting screened starting at 40.


Whitney Terrill

Family and Friends

Whitney Terrill's grandmother is an important part of her life, she is still part of her life because of getting screened at 40.

Early detection Saves Lives

Dr. Lashonda Soma reminds women about the importance of early detection through screening to reduce the mortality rate in Black women from breast cancer.

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