To Flatlay and Beyond!
This summer, I'm creating my first ever E-course and I want you to be apart of it! To Flatlay and Beyond E-course is going to be more than just a class on how to master flat lay photography.
  1. This E-course is going to put you hands on in learning how to work with your phone or camera to create gorgeous photos that you can use not just on your blog but on all of your social media platforms!
  2. There will be tons of tutorials on how to use your very own images to create amazing templates exclusively on Canva.
  3. An exclusive beginners guide to using your phone.
  4. How I started using my DSLR camera in Manual Mode and how it can be easy for you too!
  5. I'll take you past the filters and get you hands on in creating your own personal style through editing through my favorite apps and Adobe Light Room!
  6. Help you create a cohesive Instagram using your photos and editing skills.
  7. An an exclusive challenge only for members to get you learning on a more valuable and personal level than a regular E-course!
To Flatlay and Beyond is about creating photos that match your brand, that is uniquely you and no one else! If you've gotten tired of getting stock photos and finally want to make your brand stand out visually then this Ecourse will help you get there quickly!
I'm creating this e-course because I want you too...
  • Create the photos that you truly want that speaks to your brand.
  • Stand out above the crowd.
  • Attract the right audience with your own personal style.
  • Get more clicks to your blog from social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.
  • Learn how to use Canva to create templates that saves time and frustration.
  • Create a cohesive Instagram Feed that gets you followers, engagement, and sales.
  • And soooo much more!
As a VIP Member You'll Get Some Amazing Deals...
  • Price cut from $297 to $197!!!! *payment options available*
  • Get exclusive Bonuses from ebooks, exclusive videos to templates and Lightroom presets!
  • AND Get the Chance to Win a DSLR Camera when the e-course opens for pre-enrollment!!!
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