Image - Blackburn Law Firm, PLLC offers simple life plan documents* at the Will Clinic in a streamlined process at a substantial discount from regular fees.


For $375.00 (50% discount) receive a simple will, durable power of attorney, and health care directives.


To use this service:

(1) Complete the following Will Clinic Questionnaire.

(2) Cathy will discuss your wishes with you by telephone and prepare your documents.

(3) We will schedule a time for you to come in on either Tuesday, August 14, 2018 between 6 PM - 9 PM, or Saturday August 18, 2018 between 9 AM - 1 PM.


At your visit, you will execute your documents and receive the original documents and copies.


*A simple will distributes assets directly upon your death to named beneficiaries. Please understand that testamentary trusts, revocable trusts, special provisions for retirement accounts, and other, more complex documents are not available through the Will Clinic. If you desire more complex documents, call the office for a complimentary, personal consultation.

NOTE: You should destroy any old documents and notify anyone who has a copy that you have changed and/or updated the document(s).

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