6-DAY Raw Foods
on a Budget Challenge
Eating an affordable, sustainable raw foods diet has less to do with the price of food, and more to do with how you buy food, your relationship with money and food, and how you prepare food.
Hi, my name is Brandi Rollins, PhD, and for the past 6 years, I have been teaching folks all over the world how to eat a raw foods diet that is creative, delicious, and easy on the wallet!
In this completely FREE 6-Day Challenge, my mission is to teach you how to choose a raw foods diet that:
  • minimizes food prep time and costs
  • maximizes flavor
  • fits your life (i.e. is sustainable)
Of course, I won't be able to teach you everything you need to know about an affordable raw foods diet in only 6 days. BUT, this program is the perfect launchpad to getting you STARTED!
After signing up, you will receive:
  • The Ultimate 6-DAY RAW Menu Plan! Complete with recipes, a shopping list, food prep calendar and guide, what to pack for work checklist, and estimated recipe costs.
  • 6-Day Program Guide detailing the program, the benefits of eating raw and having a raw foods budget, and how to choose your type of raw foods.
  • 6-Day Workbook containing daily articles, food and exercise logs, and journaling space.
  • Daily emails
  • Access to a Facebook Group Community Forum 
  • Pre-recorded Group Support Meetings.
"Let me teach you how to eat
a creative, delicious, and
budget-loving raw foods diet!"
A Raw Foods Diet celebrates the flavor, texture, and beauty of plant-based foods in their natural state, which includes fresh fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts and seeds, sea vegetables, sprouts, and fermented foods. Raw Foods are prepared fresh and whole, and are not processed, cooked, or steamed. Foods are not heated above 115-118 degrees Fahrenheit to maintain enzyme content, making the foods more easily digestible.
Raw foods is a celebration of life, abundance, and choice. I have been eating raw foods for the past 14 years and through the experience of healing my body and connecting with food, I learned who I was and who I was not. I learned that I could be extremely happy. I learned to take care of my human….that I truly was in control even when I doubted it. And I learned about abundance. There is this idea out there that abundance is about having a lot of food, money, or perfect health. But I believe that abundance is so much more precious and generous than any of these things. Abundance is a living knowing that you have everything you need to live a full life. That’s it. We all have the ability to start over and give tomorrow a good go, to try something different, and to have a different experience. Life is generous this way and it shows up for us. Cultivating a living knowing of abundance in your heart is YOU showing up to life.
  • A plant-based diet naturally increases your intake of fruit, vegetables, and dark leafy greens, which can help to reduce your risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and other chronic illness. This way of eating can also result in weight loss and more conscious eating behaviors (e.g. eating to live, not living to eat).
  • Many vitamins and nutrients are temperature sensitive (e.g. vitamin C), so when we cook our fruits and vegetables, we can actually destroy these nutrients. By not cooking your food, you help to maintain the nutrient profile of your food.
  • Increases in your energy, stamina, mental clarity, and focus.
  • Happiness. For me, the biggest reason for eating raw foods has always been happiness. I am my most happy when I eat raw foods. I am less moody, and more patient and content.  So, I eat raw foods because it helps me to be a better, happy human being.
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